Does seeing remodeled kitchens in magazines and on home improvement TV shows give you the itch to remodel your own kitchen? If you’ve been hesitating on the project because it seems like an expensive, daunting task – you don’t have to go it alone! A kitchen remodel from Kelley Construction is a structured process. Beginning with design all the way through the finishing touches, our team will work with you to create the look, feel, and function that best suits your particular needs and budget.
If you know your kitchen needs updating but aren’t sure where to start, it’s a good idea to consider how you use your kitchen. Do you spend a lot of time in there cooking? Or is it more of a “congregation” area that you mostly want to look fancy and appealing to guests? If it’s the former, invest your money in good appliances. Good appliances will not only make your kitchen look beautiful (think stainless steel), but it will make your cooking endeavors easier and more fun, too. Functional, well-placed cabinets will also make working in the kitchen go more smoothly if items you need are easily found and accessible. If your main concern is looks, though, put your money into handsome high-end countertops (like real granite) and top-of-the-line cabinetry, lighting fixtures, and flooring. Backsplashes are another popular idea to add beauty and intrigue to your kitchen’s overall vibe.
Kelley Construction’s quality materials and expert attention to detail will reward you with a kitchen as fabulous as it is functional. We know how important your kitchen is, considering it’s the heart of your home. We understand the latest kitchen design trends, and our team can work with you, providing recommendations and renderings to make sure you get the perfect kitchen for your needs!
If a kitchen remodel still sounds too daunting, or you think the project will take too long, worry no more! Kelley Construction can get you the kitchen of your dreams just in time for the holidays. Most remodels take anywhere between one and three weeks, depending on the size and scope of the project. If you want a beautifully remodeled kitchen for your holiday guests to ooh-and-aah over, contact Kelley Construction right away!
Need more space in your home? The answer may be right below you. Basements often are the great underused space in many people’s homes. Too often, they are only used for laundry rooms, outdoor furniture storage, tools, and work saws. But basement spaces have the potential to be so much more. Increasingly, people are reclaiming this underutilized space into luxurious home theaters, lively game rooms, comfortable spare bedrooms, functional office spaces, playful rec rooms, private bars and more. These transformed basements create livable spaces that not only increase your home’s square footage, but also its property value. According to Remodeling magazine’s 2017 Cost vs. Value report, you can receive up to 70% payback of your basement remodeling investment, making it one of wisest remodels as far as property value is concerned.


One of the most important steps to consider in basement remodeling is ensuring a dry basement. The investment of proper waterproofing will help protect your home, your belongings and your investment. Musty and moldy basements can be avoided with proper design and proper dehumidifiers.
One method to dewater a home is excavating the exterior space around the structure and waterproofing the outside walls. Depending on the structures’ design and environment, an additional or alternative step to waterproofing the outside walls is installing an interior basement dewatering system with a sump pump. Basement dewatering systems often include an interior baseboard drainage system that is fitted around the perimeter of the basement walls. This creates a drainage system that will move the water to a sump pump and release it on a downhill slope away from the home. Controlling groundwater can also be achieved by constructing cut-off walls.

The process of waterproofing a basement is complicated and each structure has its own set of challenges. Let Kelley Construction Contractors help you! We have years of experience waterproofing and remodeling homes and businesses. We are licensed, insured, and bonded to do residential and commercial projects. With three locations in Central Illinois, we are here to help you when you need us most. Call us at: Pekin: 309-346-6604; Peoria: 309-676-1709; Bloomington: 309-452-0900; or reach us online with any questions.
The midwest has a reputation for a few reasons. Everyone is so friendly, Wisconsin makes great cheese, Michigan is so beautiful, Indiana is so flat, and Illinois hosts the third largest city in the country where you can find the best deep dish pizza around. However, the midwest also has a reputation for other, less pleasant reasons. Bitter cold winters, blustering snow storms, unpredictable weather during the season changes, severe thunderstorms, and above all, tornados. Severe weather can damage or destroy personal property like cars or even homes. When this happens, midwesterners react in their typical midwest fashion – they stand up, wipe the dirt off their shoulder and fix the problem. For Kelley Construction Contractors, repairing storm damage is a specialty.


Types of Storm Damage
Much like the cheese aisle in any grocery store within 100 miles of Wisconsin, there are plenty of possibilities to expect when it comes to weather in the midwest.


Hail: Literal balls of ice plummeting to earth from the sky when thunderstorms are so strong they actually push precipitation upwards, where the temperature is below freezing. Hail can be as small as popcorn kernels and as large as softballs. Hail is detrimental to anything that can shatter or dent like windows , shingles, or roofing.


Snow: Midwesterners are hardy when it comes to snow. It arrives every year, provides beauty and entertainment for about two weeks and is then nothing but a nuisance until spring. Blizzards and regular heavy snowfall can create snowdrifts on rooftops that cause risk of caving in or causing structural damage. Bitter cold can causing housing structures to freeze, crack, or break.


Thunderstorms: For some there’s nothing more soothing than falling asleep to a thunderstorm – until lightning strikes a tree causing it to collapse onto their home. Thunderstorms can stay relatively tame; however, with their arrival comes the risk of strong winds, lightning, and flooding.


Tornadoes: If thunderstorms are the black bear of the midwest, where they’re generally not overly aggressive and don’t pose a serious cause for concern if you run into one, tornadoes are the grizzly bear of the midwest. Finding yourself in the path of a tornado means you’re at risk of not only damage to yourself and your home, there’s also a significant chance you or your home could be destroyed. Much like grizzly bears, if you find yourself in the path of a tornado, stay calm and take cover.


If you do end up a victim of storm damage, Kelley Construction Contractors can provide emergency services for commercial and residential storm damage repair, help you spot visible and hidden damage to your property inside and out, and make repairs to roofs, windows, interiors, and even walls or structures. If you live in the central Illinois area, call Kelley Construction Contractors for all storm related damage. Visit us at or give us a call at one of our locations:
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Oftentimes, when property owners think of home additions they think, sunroom. On average, sunrooms cost less than full-scale room additions, and yet still provide just as much square footage. Not only can an addition of a sunroom increase a home’s value, they are an energy-efficient way to transform and beautify a home while adding natural sunlight to the space. Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider before moving forward with a sunroom addition.
Know the Room’s Purpose
Ask yourself, “What will we enjoy doing in our sunroom?” Knowing the answer will not only help in the design of the room, but also in receiving an accurate estimate. In regions with four seasons, sunrooms can provide many hours of “outdoor living” when the elements are harsh. Even in relatively mild weather, people enjoy being “bug-free” in the comfort of a beautiful enclosure. Whether it’s for watching T.V., enjoying morning coffee, relaxing with a book, painting a masterpiece, or entertaining guests, the possibilities are endless.
Estimate & Pricing
Look for a contractor that offers a free estimate with no obligation to buy, ensuring they are licensed, insured, and bonded for residential projects. The best way to receive an accurate estimate is to have a measurement done at your home.
Zoning & Permits
Check with the local building department at the start of project planning to find out local zoning restrictions. Determine the permits that are necessary and find out how they will be processed. Identify who will schedule the inspections required by your local building department.
sun room
HVAC & Electrical
Building a sunroom addition means expanding your home’s existing electrical and HVAC system into the new space. Unfortunately, this can get a bit complicated for two main reasons: 1. The equipment that runs these systems for your house (particularly the electrical service panel, the furnace and the air conditioner) aren’t big enough to take on the added load of the new space, and 2. The wiring used today differs from what was originally used when the house was built.
Sunroom additions make it possible to transform your current residence into a “dream dwelling.” They are less expensive than many remodeling jobs and are usually more affordable than moving. Whether you need more space or just want to update your abode, a sunroom is an ideal home addition.
Kelley Construction Contractors offers a variety of residential building and remodeling services in the Central Illinois area. Our experts can help you imagine, design, and build the project of your dreams. Contact our team today for more information or to start the planning process for your sunroom addition.
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Investing in energy savings projects in one’s home is a win win. It saves you money and helps save our natural resources. Technology has progressed so there are numerous new ways to make your home energy-efficient, and can save money on utilities expenses. These energy-efficient improvements also increase the resale value of your home, helping you make money by saving money.
Here are a few projects to consider to make increase your home’s energy-efficiency and increase its resale value.
Who doesn’t want free energy? Solar makes this possible. By harvesting the power of the sun, solar panels turn those rays into power that can pay you back through renewable energy credits or by selling the excess energy produced back to the power company. Learn more about how solar power works and saves you money on our website. 
Not only does siding give your house a facelift, it is one of the best choices for improving your home’s value according to a 2014 article from The National Association of Realtor’s website, Houselogic. Siding saves homeowners time and money on future maintenance by protecting the wood from rot, saving money on painting upkeep, and insulated siding is able to maintain interior temperatures, offering an additional layer of protection from heat and cooling loss.
Windows are a prime culprit of drafts and leaks that can increase heating and cooling costs. New windows can help save money in a variety of ways. A window’s glazing, according to the website “can help control solar heat gain and loss in heating climates.” A window’s location (i.e. north or south facing windows) and window style (i.e. casement or double hung) is another consideration when choosing windows, as these factors also affect their energy performance ratings. Energy-efficient windows receive an Energy Star rating to help you determine its performance rating and what options are best for your home.
Kelley Construction has extensive experience in home remodeling and improvement projects, restoration and new construction. We are licensed, insured, and bonded to do residential and commercial projects. With three locations in Central Illinois, we are here to help you when you need us most. Call us at: Pekin: 309-346-6604; Peoria: 309-676-1709; Bloomington: 309-452-0900; or reach us online.

The words “foundation problems” can strike fear into the heart of any commercial property owner. After all, a good foundation is key to maintaining the integrity of the entire structure of a building. In this post, we will take a look at some basic foundation facts so that business owners are more informed before they look for a commercial repair contractor.

Noticing Foundation Problems
One of the telltale signs of foundation issues are cracks running vertically down the brick or siding walls of a building. You may also notice seeping water in the foundation itself. Finally, cracks in the ceiling and doors that no longer close or sit level in their frames are further indications that your foundation may require repair.
The Source of the Problem
Contrary to popular perception, foundations usually don’t crack or shift because of faulty construction, but because of uneven soil and water movement that occurs underneath them. Therefore, when you see a crack in the wall or ceiling, it is usually not the location of the actual problem area. It is simply where the structure buckled and gave way, but the uneven water and soil pattern below is most likely somewhere else.
When to Repair a Foundation
A foundation cannot be repaired with the ground is frozen, so it is important to notice any foundation problems and act on them before winter. Since water and soil movement are the root cause of foundation issues, if you notice a concern in winter, act on it as soon as you can when it warms up, before spring and summer rainstorms make the problem worse.
If you have foundation concerns, Kelley Construction is licensed and insured to repair both residential and commercial foundations. We can help you increase business longevity and property value by ensuring the structural integrity of your commercial space. Unaddressed foundation problems are one of the biggest deal-breakers when it comes time to sell real estate. It’s important to protect your investment so that you don’t lose out on a good sale. To learn more about our foundation repair services, visit the commercial foundation section of our website.
Kelley Construction is a family-owned contracting company located in Pekin, Illinois that has been providing top-quality construction and exceptional customer service at affordable prices for over 20 years. We are licensed, bonded, and insured to do both residential and commercial repair and remodeling projects of all types. Visit our website to learn all about “the Kelley Difference”- or call (309) 346-6604!