The words “foundation problems” can strike fear into the heart of any commercial property owner. After all, a good foundation is key to maintaining the integrity of the entire structure of a building. In this post, we will take a look at some basic foundation facts so that business owners are more informed before they look for a commercial repair contractor.

Noticing Foundation Problems
One of the telltale signs of foundation issues are cracks running vertically down the brick or siding walls of a building. You may also notice seeping water in the foundation itself. Finally, cracks in the ceiling and doors that no longer close or sit level in their frames are further indications that your foundation may require repair.
The Source of the Problem
Contrary to popular perception, foundations usually don’t crack or shift because of faulty construction, but because of uneven soil and water movement that occurs underneath them. Therefore, when you see a crack in the wall or ceiling, it is usually not the location of the actual problem area. It is simply where the structure buckled and gave way, but the uneven water and soil pattern below is most likely somewhere else.
When to Repair a Foundation
A foundation cannot be repaired with the ground is frozen, so it is important to notice any foundation problems and act on them before winter. Since water and soil movement are the root cause of foundation issues, if you notice a concern in winter, act on it as soon as you can when it warms up, before spring and summer rainstorms make the problem worse.
If you have foundation concerns, Kelley Construction is licensed and insured to repair both residential and commercial foundations. We can help you increase business longevity and property value by ensuring the structural integrity of your commercial space. Unaddressed foundation problems are one of the biggest deal-breakers when it comes time to sell real estate. It’s important to protect your investment so that you don’t lose out on a good sale. To learn more about our foundation repair services, visit the commercial foundation section of our website.
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With the recent surge of warm weather, many people are itching to get outdoors and get their hands dirty. While there is a strong possibility that we have a bit of winter left in our forecast – now is the perfect time to start planning for your spring remodeling projects.
  • Roofing – If you live in an older home, you might find that it needs a little TLC and extra repairs this spring. Perhaps this winter you found a leak or even a major issue with your roofing system. Spring is the ideal time to take care of a roofing issue before it causes any additional damage to your home.
  • Landscaping – Warm and sunny weather often brings the desire to get outside and work in the yard. Outdoor landscaping and hardscaping projects such as retaining walls are an excellent way to infuse some personality and color into the exterior areas of your home.
  • Kitchen Upgrades – After spending the winter cooped up inside, you might have noticed your kitchen lacks the sparkle it once did. Kitchen renovations are a wonderful way to add value to your home and improve the general workflow of this all-important activity hub.
  • Additions – Are you considering adding more space to your home? Home additions such as sunrooms offer a great way to create extra living space while ushering the warmth and beauty of the outdoors into your home.
  • Decks – Warmer weather brings a longing to spend a beautiful summer day outside with family and friends. A deck is the perfect place to enjoy the sunny days ahead. Adding a deck to your home helps create additional living and entertaining spaces for your home. Deck designs can range from complex multi-level plans that attach to other outdoor areas such as a pool, outdoor kitchen or fire pit, or clean and simple platform with stylized railings and modern lines.
At Kelley Construction, we offer a variety of residential building and remodeling services. Our experts can help you imagine, design and build the project of your dreams. Contact our team today for more information or to start the planning process for your spring renovation project. Now is the perfect time to start making these plans as spring might be closer than we think.
Since 1970, over 193 countries around the world have set aside April 22nd for Earth Day to support efforts that protect our precious planet and its diminishing resources.
We at Kelley Construction try to be environmentally conscious and eco-friendly in how we conduct our business. If you are considering an upcoming property renovation or remodeling, there are plenty of options for you to explore with Kelley Construction that promote sustainable materials, all while giving you the design you’ve been dreaming of.
Consider Using Energy Efficient Equipment
If you see a product, such as on oven, refrigerator, or even windows, with an ENERGY STAR label printed on it, know that it doesn’t get much more energy efficient than that! This label states that that particular piece of equipment is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA.  Not only that, but these products also boast high performance standards, all while saving you significant cost and energy savings! Everybody wins!
Ask Yourself if Your Property is Properly Insulated
Did you know that heating and cooling systems account for about half of your property’s energy systems? That’s why proper insulation is so important, both for the earth and for your wallet! Make sure that air leaks are not present in your property’s windows, doors, and duct systems. Proper insulation is the perfect way to reduce your energy bills all while reducing your energy consumption.
Sustainable Building Materials are Both Beautiful and Environmentally Friendly
Every part of your property renovation, from the roofing material to your kitchen cabinets and countertops, can reduce the impact of construction on our environment. If you want to make  your property as eco-friendly as possible, consider using products such as recycled plastic, recycled glass, reclaimed lumber and natural products such as bamboo, cork, and linoleum.
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When dreaming of ways to remodel your home, the sky’s the limit. Home improvement projects are a great way to express creativity and individuality, as well as improve the functionality and visual appeal of our home–and of course, increase home value. But if you’re planning to sell your home within the next few years, it’s best to choose projects that will maximize the sale price of the home.

Some home remodeling projects pay off more than others when it comes to increasing the overall value of the home. Your home is one of your biggest investments, and therefore, you’ll want to recoup as many dollars you can out of the total amount you put into its upkeep.  As a homeowner, you’ll want to get the most “bang for your buck,” which is why it’s best to weigh the costs versus the benefits of any home improvement project.

Luckily, Remodeling Magazine has been tracking the value of home improvement and remodeling projects since 2002, and 2016 data is already available. Remodeling Magazine found that home improvement returns are up from 2015, and at their second-highest return nationwide since 2008. It also found that many of the highest returns were on projects that are low-maintenance and relatively low cost.

Here are a few of the projects that recouped the highest amount of their cost:


  1. Kitchen remodeling: enhances the “heart” of the home, improves functionality and ease
  2. Siding replacement: enhances the overall look and perception of home quality
  3. Garage door replacement: improves curb appeal and look of the home
  4. Window replacement: improves curb appeal, look of home, security, and energy efficiency
  5. Front door replacement: improves curb appeal, look of home, security, and energy efficiency
  6. Energy efficient upgrades and attic insulation: lowers energy bills, recouping even more dollars on top of the overall increased appeal of the home

For over 20 years, Kelley Construction Contractors in Central Illinois has been providing top-quality construction and exceptional customer service at affordable prices. With offices in Pekin, Peoria, and Bloomington, we are one of the largest family-owned commercial and home improvement companies in the area. Visit our website today to learn about “the Kelley Difference,” read our customers’ testimonials, and find out about the wide range of projects we do–or call (309) 346-6604!



There is nothing more satisfying than completing a home improvement job on your own. There are many excellent jobs that homeowners can easily take on themselves and then step back and beam with pride after a job well-done. But how do you know when you can tackle a project on your own and when it might be more cost effective (and safe) to bring in a professional? Here are four things to consider.

  1. Is it dangerous? – The first thing to consider when taking on a home improvement project is if you could get hurt if you do it on your own. Even something as simple as painting your living room could result in a trip to the emergency room if you don’t have the proper equipment or are unprepared for the physical demands of the project.
  2. Will you cause damage to your house or decrease the value? – Without the appropriate knowledge or training, some projects could cause serious problems for your home if they are done incorrectly. Additionally, if a project is not done to the appropriate code requirements or is just done poorly, it could decrease the value of your home.
  3. Do you need permits? – If the job requires permitting from your municipality’s building inspector, it is a major red flag for do-it-yourselfers. A permitted job requires inspections that must adhere to strict building codes. If you do not have professional experience for a particular project, leave it to someone who does.
  4. Is it a complicated or large project? – Underestimating the complexity of a project and what is required to do it correctly is a common mistake. Individuals often think a job will take less time to complete, require less manpower or fewer financial resources. Additionally, if you can only work on a job over the weekend, it could take a lot longer to complete than you originally estimated.

If you are unsure about the scope of a home improvement project, contact an expert to get their input. If you find yourself needing help to rectify a project that went wrong, don’t be afraid to get professional help. Kelley Construction has been assisting homeowners with improvement projects in Peoria and the surrounding Illinois area since 1994. Give us a call for a fair and honest quote!


Spring is a nice time of year mostly for the warm weather, chirping birds, and blooming trees. If there’s one downside to the season, though, it’s probably the rain. Spring can be a wet couple of months, with numerous storms and downpours resulting in almost perpetually soggy ground and, in some areas, flooding.

Flooding and too much water standing near your foundation can result in water damage to your home and mold growth. Water mitigation is the process of reducing or preventing the amount of water damage that happens after a flood or plumbing failure. Mold can grow after just a couple of days, so it’s important if you have flooding or standing water to take action right away. If left untreated, mold can lead to serious health problems, so hire a professional that specializes in mold removal and water mitigation/restoration.

Although there’s not much you can do in the event of a storm that causes major flooding, there are still a few preventative steps that you as the homeowner can take to reduce your chances of a mold problem:

  • Caulk around water fixtures. Make sure your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, showers and bathtubs are properly caulked to prevent leaks.
  • Clean out your gutters. Standing water in your gutters due to clogs can lead to water leaking into the eaves and exterior walls. Keeping your gutters clear will help them do their jobs, which is to keep standing water away from your foundation.
  • Caulk around your windows. If there are any weak spots around your windows on the outside, rain can get in and cause wet spots and mold.
  • Fix a leaky roof. It’s easy to spot a leaky roof if water is dripping into your living room or bedroom, but you’ll also want to check your attic for sneakier leaks that can lead to mold growth.

If you still find yourself with a plumbing leak or flooding from a storm, don’t hesitate to call Kelley Construction! At Kelley Construction, we offer a variety of water mitigation and mold removal solutions to suit your budgetary needs and site conditions. During your free estimate, we’ll discuss the option that’s best for you (cost and length of the project will vary, depending on the scope and size of the work).

Call Kelley Construction today or request your free estimate here, and uncover the solution that’s right for you!