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Keeping An Eye On Your Roof To Know When Services Are Needed

How do you know when your Peoria home is in need of roofing services? Kelley Construction offers premium roofing services, and knows the value that a good roof adds to your home. If you suspect your home may need to have the roof checked, here are some places you can look and here are some […]

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Protect Your Roof With These Tips From The Roofing Services Experts

We invest a lot of money, time, and care into keeping our homes in Peoria safe. We install locks on doors and windows, add security lights, cameras, and even video doorbells, all to make sure that the things we love and value are safe and protected. There is an area of our home that provides […]

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What Makes a Successful Roof And How To Find The Right Services?

The roof of a house is one of the most important parts. It is literally like the cherry on top. The roof not only makes the house complete but it helps protect the house from damage the rest of the time it is standing. It’s important to get the roof right so the roof is […]

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Asphalt Shingles: Are They Good For Roof Repairs? 

It’s a simple question with a complicated answer. Manufacturer warranties currently guarantee asphalt shingles a 15- to 30-year useful life. Why the wide span? Vented properly and installed correctly, you should get around 80-85% of the life span out of an asphalt roof. That means you can expect to get about 20-22 years out of […]

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Prolong the Lifespan of Your Roof By Using Professional Roofing Services

The roof of a home is usually pretty hardy. They hold up under extreme conditions and protect you and your family. They last a fairly long time as well. The average lifespan of a roof ranges from 15-20 years. Your roof will be of better service for a longer period of time if it is […]

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The Ins and Outs of Roofing Services In Peoria

Every now and then, we all need that nice, quiet afternoon where we can just kick back, relax, and enjoy the day. It’s good to rejuvenate and recover from everything that each of us do day to day. Just as you need some good TLC (tender love and care), so does your home. In particular, […]

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How to Know When Your Peoria Roof Needs Serviced

For many people, there are quite a few more things that are given more attention than their roof. Things like a clean home, new flooring, and tight faucets are just an example. However, the roof is one of the most important parts of the house. It’s what keeps our heads dry along with many other […]

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House Fire Damage And Restoration In Bloomington

House fires are devastating. Even the smallest source can spark a massive fire in your home because there are so many things in our homes that could potentially start and feed fires. From our fire damage restoration experts, this is why it’s so important to know the most common causes of house fires and what […]

Commercial Interiors

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Common Leak Signs And Water Damage Restoration

The majority of the plumbing in our homes is run behind walls. Since we cannot actually see the pipes that supply us with the water we use on a daily basis, it is easy to miss water damage that occurs unseen. From our water damage restoration professionals, here are some of the most common signs […]