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Dangers Of Self Water Damage Restoration

Water is great until it damages your home leaving you with an awful mess and damages. Sadly, water damage can come from a variety of sources such as busted pipes, natural disasters, leaks, cracks, etc. Each cause of water damage has different effects; however, proper restoration needs to occur for all water damage needs. In […]

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Refrigerator Leaks And Water Damage

The Kelley Construction team in Peoria often fixes water damage from refrigerators. These drips, over time, work their way down between the boards and behind the appliance, spoiling the floor in front of the appliance and inviting mold – making professional cleanup necessary. Common causes are: Leaky Water Supply Line If your refrigerator incorporates an […]

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Kitchen Water Damage Restoration And Prevention

Along with bathrooms and basements, kitchens are one of the most common rooms to suffer from water damage. This should come as no surprise after considering all the different sources of water in the kitchen. After all, it only takes one malfunction from your refrigerator, kitchen pipes, or dishwasher for your kitchen to flood. Water […]

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Water Damage Restoration: Stopping The Wet Basement Cycle

Do you have a leaky basement with standing water on the floor? Do you see discoloration on the walls? Can you smell mold? If so, it’s time to call Kelley Construction Contractors in Bloomington and learn about possible solutions for your basement. Whether you have a new home in a master planned community or you […]

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Main Sources Of Water Damage

Have you ever entered your Bloomington home and found water on the floor? Or maybe you’ve noticed a leak in your ceiling. Wherever it comes from, water damage is not something that any homeowner wants to deal with. Water damage can come from a variety of sources. Some of those are clean sources and some […]

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Signs Of Water Damage

Water damage cleanup in your Peoria home is no small task. Because water damage can cause some serious problems in your home, it is important to deal with it quickly. Spotting water damage quickly will help reduce damages and get cleanup started as soon as possible. However, sometimes water damage is not always immediately apparent. […]

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Developing The Eyes Of A Water Damage Restoration Pro

Water damage is an issue no homeowner wants to deal with. Although we all know the typical signs of water damage, take a look at these tips that set professionals apart. Whether you were graced with great vision or not, we at Kelley Construction recommend you learn to notice these signs and you’ll be able […]

Foundation Repair Is a Complex Issue

The complete integrity of your home quite literally rests on its foundation. Anyone who has experienced a foundation issue in the past would be the first to advise you on knowing as much as you can about the foundation of a house before buying. Issues with the foundation of a structure often aren’t the fault […]

A kitchen with severe fire damage in Peoria IL

Find the Source: Stopping Fire Damage Before It Begins

A fire at your workplace or home can be devastating and terrifying. Sometimes a fire is a freak occurrence, and there’s no right way to predict how it could have been prevented. However, there are ways to manage potential sources of fire better. By taking specific preventative measures, you can stop fire damage before it […]

A kitchen submerged in water, taking severe water damage in Peoria IL

Don’t Slip Under: Dealing with Life After Water Damage

Water damage is an unfortunate problem for any family to incur. When water invades your home, it can destroy furniture, flooring, walls and personal belongings. Moreover, it can make your house unsafe to live-in, driving you out of your shelter. Not only do you need assistance from a reliable water damage renovator, but you need […]