Most people worry about water damage during spring and summer, when powerful rainstorms increase the risk of flooding. However, winter can be the most problematic time of the year for water intrusion into a home’s foundation and basement. If you have winter moisture problems in your basement, you are not alone. With 60% of homes in the US experiencing water intrusions, various year-round elements challenge the structures of most homes. The good news is that you can fix the source of winter water damage with vigilance, early detection, and quick response.


How does water in get in the basement in winter?


If you have a basement or a structure built below grade and notice signs of moisture in winter, it often stems from the ground around your foundation being warmer than the frozen ground a few feet further away from your home. If we experience heavy rains, a big snow, or thaw, the water around your home has nowhere to go. It becomes trapped between the frozen ground and the warmer space around your foundation. The force of gravity on the water, called hydrostatic pressure, causes water to seep into cracks in the floor, walls, or mortar joints.


What are the signs of water damage in my basement?


If you notice any of the following, call a professional water damage restoration and mold remediation contractor right away:

  • Mold or mildew
  • Stains
  • Water or dampness on the floor or walls
  • A strange odor
  • Cracks in the walls or floor
  • Water, rot, mold, or mildew damage to carpet, wood, or personal belongings
What happens if I’ve already experienced water damage?


A trusted contractor can fix both the original cause of the water damage as well as restore the condition of your home and help you file an insurance claim to compensate for harm to your home and personal property. It’s important to prevent more water from coming into your home, otherwise your wiring, floors and support beams, foundation, and personal health can suffer. Mold and mildew cleanup should be done as quickly as possible to prevent allergies and other health problems.


If you’ve experienced water damage this winter, Kelley Construction Contractors provides full restoration services, including emergency service, flood damage estimates, water removal, stain repair, and mold and mildew remediation. Since 1994, Kelley Construction has grown into one of Central Illinois’ largest family-owned home improvement and restoration companies. Visit our site for more information, or call our Peoria, Bloomington, or Pekin office today.

Home Makeover: Winter Edition

When you think of home makeover projects, you likely imagine them in progress and completed during the spring or summer. While it’s true that most home construction projects – especially exterior ones – are completed during the summer, you can save time and money by doing them in the winter. Here’s why you should consider planning your home makeover project for this winter instead of waiting for warmer weather:


More Available Contractors

Since business is generally slower during the winter, it should be easier to get in contact with the professional contractor(s) of your choice. The other perk of this slow time is that the contractor that you choose will likely have more time to spend with you going over details in the planning and designing stages of your project.


Reduced Prices

Most contractors increase their prices ahead of spring, aware that their busy season is coming up. Knowing this means you’ll find your best deals in the winter. Manufacturers are also aware of the higher demand in spring and summer, and often introduce new product lines and upgrade their wares: meaning there’s a good chance you’ll find reduced pricing on things like hardware fixtures, windows, and lumber, as manufacturers try to free up older inventory.


Better Inventory

Speaking of inventory, fixtures that fly off the shelves in warmer months have a good chance of being in stock during the winter. This gives you the opportunity to really shop around for exactly what you want without risk of it becoming sold out.


Convenient Scheduling

With winter being the slow season, it also means your contractor’s schedule is fairly open. Exterior projects are usually left for spring and summer, so your contractor will have more time to complete various interior projects like painting, flooring, drywalling, updating lighting and/or replacing cabinetry.


If you have a vision in mind for your home’s makeover, there’s no better time to get a start on it than now. Call Kelley Construction Contractors for your restoration, renovation, or remodeling needs. One of Central Illinois’s largest family-owned home improvement companies, we are licensed, insured, and bonded to do residential and commercial projects. This includes roofing, siding and windows, room additions and sunrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and solar. Contact us today!


Your Home Winterizing Guide


Fall is the perfect time to prepare your home for the oncoming winter. By getting your home ready now, you can not only avoid doing those pesky winterizing chores in the cold, but you’ll also prevent headaches and large bills down the road. If you haven’t started winterizing your home yet, follow the checklist below!

  • Check the Heat: The first thing you’ll need to check is your heating system, and make sure everything’s running smoothly for the winter months. You can test your system by turning your thermostat to 80 degrees F. You should hear your furnace kick on and should feel warm air blowing within a few minutes.
  • Check the Air Conditioner: Your air conditioner needs a little love before the winter as well. Make sure to clear debris away from the unit, and remember to cover it to protect it from falling leaves and heavy snow and ice.
  • Check your Fireplace, Chimney, and Flue: Your wood burning fireplace and chimney are a major source of cold air in your home. Get your fireplace and chimney inspected before the cold weather hits to make sure everything is working properly.
  • Protect your Pipes: Plumbing is especially susceptible to cold weather, and can easily freeze if not emptied or insulated properly. To avoid bursting pipes and plumbing bills, insulate your pipes for the winter months.
  • Prepare your Windows & Doors: Air leaks around your doors and windows can drastically increase your heating bill. On a windy day, close all your windows and feel for any air leaks. This will allow you to find the spots you need to fill. When it comes to your doors, check for weatherstripping, which can most commonly be found on the bottom of doors. If a door in your home is without weatherstripping, you can replace it to ensure your home stays warm and free of air leaks.
  • Check the Roof: Hire a professional to come out and inspect your roof for loose or damaged shingles, and have them replace them. You should also clean and clear your gutters to prevent costly damages over the winter.
  • Remember the Sprinkler System: Make sure to have your sprinkler system winterized no later than October. Winterizing your sprinkler system will entail emptying your sprinklers of water, and blowing compressed air through them to make sure no blockages have been missed.

If you need any more assistance when it comes to winterizing your home this season, please feel free to visit our website at to learn more about how we can help prepare your home for winter!



Winter is upon us here in Peoria, Illinois. With the beauty of the season comes frigid cold temperatures that can wreak havoc on your plumbing system if you are not properly prepared. Cold temperatures can cause the water in your pipes to freeze, allowing the water to expand and create excess pressure inside the pipes.
If the condition is not addressed promptly it could cause your pipes to burst, creating a host of issues for not only your plumbing system, but your walls, floors and other surfaces that might be the beneficiaries of the water run-off. The best way to keep your pipes from freezing is to prepare ahead of time.
Here are 6 tips to avoid a costly catastrophe.
1.) Shut off outside water supply pipes – Frozen water can start from an exterior hose bib and work its way inside the home. Be sure to turn the water supply to these areas off before cold weather hits.
2.) Insulate exterior pipes and exposed areas – Pipes that run along the exterior walls of your home are the most susceptible to freeze.  Additionally, pipes that are exposed to the elements are also at risk. Use foam pipe insulation to wrap these trouble spots to keep the heat in and the cold out.
3.) Install heated cables – These innovate cable or tape designs can be wrapped around pipes that are at the most risk of freezing to prevent ice from forming.
4.) Open cabinets – Give pipes located inside cabinets a blast of warm air by opening the door. If it is extremely cold, consider running a ceramic space heater (without heating coils) near the cabinet to raise the air temperature.
5.) Keep a drip going – Turn your faucet on low so that it creates a slow drip. Keep it on throughout the duration of an extreme cold snap. Like the water in a river, the consistent flow of liquid through the pipes should keep the water from freezing.
6.) Remodel – If freezing pipes are a regular issue in your home, you might want to consider re-routing your plumbing to areas that are less likely to freeze. While this can be costly endeavor, it could save you from an even more costly plumbing emergency down the road.
If you have questions about winter plumbing issues, contact the experts at Kelley Construction to discuss your options.
Does seeing remodeled kitchens in magazines and on home improvement TV shows give you the itch to remodel your own kitchen? If you’ve been hesitating on the project because it seems like an expensive, daunting task – you don’t have to go it alone! A kitchen remodel from Kelley Construction is a structured process. Beginning with design all the way through the finishing touches, our team will work with you to create the look, feel, and function that best suits your particular needs and budget.
If you know your kitchen needs updating but aren’t sure where to start, it’s a good idea to consider how you use your kitchen. Do you spend a lot of time in there cooking? Or is it more of a “congregation” area that you mostly want to look fancy and appealing to guests? If it’s the former, invest your money in good appliances. Good appliances will not only make your kitchen look beautiful (think stainless steel), but it will make your cooking endeavors easier and more fun, too. Functional, well-placed cabinets will also make working in the kitchen go more smoothly if items you need are easily found and accessible. If your main concern is looks, though, put your money into handsome high-end countertops (like real granite) and top-of-the-line cabinetry, lighting fixtures, and flooring. Backsplashes are another popular idea to add beauty and intrigue to your kitchen’s overall vibe.
Kelley Construction’s quality materials and expert attention to detail will reward you with a kitchen as fabulous as it is functional. We know how important your kitchen is, considering it’s the heart of your home. We understand the latest kitchen design trends, and our team can work with you, providing recommendations and renderings to make sure you get the perfect kitchen for your needs!
If a kitchen remodel still sounds too daunting, or you think the project will take too long, worry no more! Kelley Construction can get you the kitchen of your dreams just in time for the holidays. Most remodels take anywhere between one and three weeks, depending on the size and scope of the project. If you want a beautifully remodeled kitchen for your holiday guests to ooh-and-aah over, contact Kelley Construction right away!
Need more space in your home? The answer may be right below you. Basements often are the great underused space in many people’s homes. Too often, they are only used for laundry rooms, outdoor furniture storage, tools, and work saws. But basement spaces have the potential to be so much more. Increasingly, people are reclaiming this underutilized space into luxurious home theaters, lively game rooms, comfortable spare bedrooms, functional office spaces, playful rec rooms, private bars and more. These transformed basements create livable spaces that not only increase your home’s square footage, but also its property value. According to Remodeling magazine’s 2017 Cost vs. Value report, you can receive up to 70% payback of your basement remodeling investment, making it one of wisest remodels as far as property value is concerned.


One of the most important steps to consider in basement remodeling is ensuring a dry basement. The investment of proper waterproofing will help protect your home, your belongings and your investment. Musty and moldy basements can be avoided with proper design and proper dehumidifiers.
One method to dewater a home is excavating the exterior space around the structure and waterproofing the outside walls. Depending on the structures’ design and environment, an additional or alternative step to waterproofing the outside walls is installing an interior basement dewatering system with a sump pump. Basement dewatering systems often include an interior baseboard drainage system that is fitted around the perimeter of the basement walls. This creates a drainage system that will move the water to a sump pump and release it on a downhill slope away from the home. Controlling groundwater can also be achieved by constructing cut-off walls.

The process of waterproofing a basement is complicated and each structure has its own set of challenges. Let Kelley Construction Contractors help you! We have years of experience waterproofing and remodeling homes and businesses. We are licensed, insured, and bonded to do residential and commercial projects. With three locations in Central Illinois, we are here to help you when you need us most. Call us at: Pekin: 309-346-6604; Peoria: 309-676-1709; Bloomington: 309-452-0900; or reach us online with any questions.