The easiest way to bring anything down is to start at its foundation. The same holds true for your business. The maintenance of your structure’s foundation is critical to its longevity. At Kelley Construction Contractors, Inc., we offer a complete line of foundation repair services, administered by experienced professionals, to ensure your business continues to stand strong, well into the future. Our services include waterproofing foundation walls, straightening walls and rebuilding walls.

With our foundation repair services, you’ll enjoy:

  • Peace of mind
  • Improved structural integrity
  • Increased building’s value
  • Increased longevity for your business

What are the signs my foundation might need repair?

There are several issues to signal that your foundation needs repair. If you notice water leaking into the foundation, cracks in the walls and/or ceiling, or problems with doors that aren’t level, there’s a good chance your foundation should be repaired. If you notice any of these issues, don’t hesitate to take action — especially during warmer months. Foundations can’t be repaired when the ground is frozen so make sure to keep an eye out and address any issues before winter.

Give us a call, and see how we can make your foundation stronger than ever!

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