24/7/365 On-Call Service
24/7/365 On-Call Service

Let us give your kitchen new life with a high quality update. We understand the latest kitchen design trends, and our team can work with you, providing recommendations and renderings to make sure you get the perfect kitchen for your needs. Kelley Construction Contractors, Inc’s quality materials and expert attention to detail will reward you with a kitchen as fabulous as it is functional.

A custom kitchen renovation from Kelley Construction Contractors, Inc. brings many benefits including:

  • More efficient workspace
  • Multiple spaces and stations
  • Easier meal preparation
  • Increased storage
  • Dramatically increased business value
  • And more

What’s the process for a kitchen remodel?

A kitchen remodel from Kelley Construction Contractors, Inc is a structured process. Beginning with design, our team will work with you to create the look, feel and function that best suits your particular needs. Deciding between laminate and hardwood or unsure of the best countertop material? Our team works with a wide variety of products and materials, and can craft a beautiful design that fits your budget… flooring to cabinetry and everything in between.

All design and rendering fees are reimbursed in the final price of the kitchen’s installation. And, once the design is determined, it’s off to the kitchen to begin the work, starting with the demolition.

Once the old kitchen is cleared away, new cabinetry is installed. We work with Shaw Cabinetry, as well as custom-built designs in-house. Countertops are installed next.  Finally, we’ll add the finishing touches with new flooring and lighting. It doesn’t take long to get the kitchen you want – most remodels take between one and three weeks, depending on the size and scope of the work.

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