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Client: Erika, Homeowner
Services Provided: Hail Damage Repair, Home Restoration, Insurance Restoration


In the hailstorm of 2016, Erika’s home sustained a significant amount of hail damage. Due to family health issues, though, she wasn’t able to reach out to her insurance agent or any contractors until months later. When she was able to, she couldn’t get anyone to call her back. Luckily, her coworker suggested Kelley Construction and Erika called right away.


Kelley Construction worked directly with Erika’s State Farm agent to make the process as easy and streamlined as possible. With the amount of damage to Erika’s home, there were a variety of jobs to be done. Because our team has extensive experience with home restoration and hail damage, we were able to take care of all of the repairs and restoration without having to call in another contractor to help.


Erika was thrilled with the outcome of her services from Kelley Construction. In addition to educating her with what we were doing and why, we were also able to restore her home back to normal and take that stress out of her life.