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East Peoria’s Number One Mold Remediation Company

Mold. It’s a scary word and an even scarier sight. The dangers and health concerns that accompany mold reach far and wide. Kelley Construction is the number one mold remediation company for East Peoria and throughout Central Illinois. When we see customers experiencing mold, there are two causes that are the most common:

  • Water damage that was never removed and restored.
  • Water damage that was dealt with by an uncertified contractor but not fully dried out.

There are other ways mold can take over a home, but the most common is not dealing with water damage properly. Unfortunately, sometimes even when you think you’ve dealt with it, mold pops up anyway. We can help! Our team can assess your home and give you a free estimate.

Mold loves moisture and there are multiple ways for moisture to concentrate in your home. Not only do we find the mold, we identify the moisture source. Mold can be removed and treated, but without stopping the moisture, you’re bound to experience mold again. Our experts treat and dry out homes for mold to complete a full and proper remediation. We treat your home like we treat our own home and fix it right the first time.

Mold remediation is no joke and that’s why we use the best and safest sanitation products and equipment on the market. Depending on the level of mold infestation, we have teams available to assist with any remodeling that might be needed. After we locate the source, if we find walls or ceilings need replaced, we’re able to give you an estimate for that too. If ever you spot mold, or even if you’re unsure, give us a call and have our experts check it out for free. We’d rather you be safe than sorry, any day.