Jim & Mary Water Damage Restoration


Client: Jim & Mary, Homeowners
Services Provided: Water Damage Restoration, Home Restoration, Insurance Restoration


Jim and Mary had significant water damage in their home. They attempted to clean it up themselves but decided they needed a professional, so they contacted their insurance agent and Kelley Construction.


Kelley Construction arrived at Jim and Mary’s home in a timely fashion with all the equipment needed for water damage restoration. This started with getting rid of the excess water and drying out the space. We moved all of the furniture out of their living room, and once the furniture was gone, we raised the carpet to ensure it could dry properly without leaving any mold.


Jim & Mary were beyond pleased with the service they received from their insurance agent and Kelley Construction. After trying to do the water removal by themselves, they recommend just going straight to Kelley Construction for professional water damage restoration services.

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