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Water Damage Restoration East Peoria IL

Contractor determining extent of Water Damage Restoration needed for home in East Peoria IL

Recover Your Home with Water Damage Restoration in East Peoria IL

When disaster strikes, you’ve got to act fast. Especially when the weather is severe, it’s crucial to ensure you prepare your house. However, not everyone is so fortunate, and the result of heavy rain can lead to a flooded basement and water damage in your home. When the worst-case scenario occurs, you need back-up from the best water damage restoration East Peoria IL can get with Kelley Construction Contractors Inc.
Kelley Construction Contractors Inc. can help you through difficult times. We understand how detrimental flooding and water damage can be to a home. As such, we’ve been lending our restoration services throughout Central Illinois since 1994. Not only will we fix your issue, but we’ll have your house looking better than ever.

How Restoration Works

Although the restoration process may seem long and complicated, Kelley Construction Contractors Inc. can get you through it with as little stress as possible. We are water damage restoration experts and know how to get the job done right.

  • Arrival – Upon entering your home, we begin a thorough inspection of the damage done to your house. We assess and evaluate the property’s surfaces that were affected by water damage.
  • Cleanup – Once we have documented the damage done, we set out to remove any standing water from your home and dry it out, using commercial grade vacuums and fans.
  • Restoration – After we remove remaining water, we replace any surfaces severely affected by the damage done. This includes pulling up carpet, replacing drywall, fixing rotten frames and eliminating mold and bacteria.

The most crucial aspect of water damage restoration is to act fast. Even if a leak is minor and only affects small portions of your home, leaving it to rot will cause further damage and potential health problems.

Help for Any Emergency

Hole in ceiling showing exposed pipes, needing Water Damage Restoration in East Peoria IL
Just as we simplify the process for water damage restoration in East Peoria IL, so too do we assist with other restoration efforts. Whether overcoming the aftereffects of a storm or dealing with a house fire, Kelley Construction Contractors Inc. is equipped to handle:

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