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Water Damage Service Pekin IL

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Restore Your Home with the Proper Water Damage Service in Pekin IL

There’s nothing worse than discovering water damage in your home. It’s a two-pronged problem: where is the water coming from and how are you going to repair what is already damaged? Thankfully, Kelley Construction Contractors Inc. can provide the solution to both those issues. We offer water damage service Pekin IL residents have come to rely on.
Kelley Construction Contractors Inc. has been in the restoration business since 1994. We’ve helped numerous clients across Central Illinois with various water damage issues. Our service men and women inspect the damage done to your home, clean up any standing water and moisture and repair or replace the worst areas of damage.

Damage from the Source

The severity and extent of water damage have much to do with where the water is coming from. The basis of the source can determine how restoration efforts are focused and what needs to be done to repair any damage.

  • Appliances and Fixtures
    • One of the “lesser” types of water damage occurs from leaky pipes and broken appliances. Water damage from appliances or fixtures can be minor but continuous and unnoticeable for long periods. Thus, it has the potential to get worse before ever being discovered.
  • Backups and Overflows
    • When pipes or valves have clogged or malfunctioned, this can mean sinks, tubs or toilets can backup or overflow. In both scenarios, the blockage must be removed, and any standing water must be cleaned up immediately on discovery.
  • Sewage and Ground Water
    • More severe are the water damage issues involving groundwater and sewage. Both kinds of water can pose serious health risks for you and your family if not dealt with right away. Typically, these problems stem from a broken sewer main or a sump-pump not correctly working.

Service You Can Count On

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People not only call on Kelley Construction Contractors Inc. for our water damage services in Pekin IL but for our other restoration services. Our service experts are well versed in handling all variety of damage caused by accidents or severe weather. Moreover, we will work with your insurance companies to get you the restoration you need. The damage we repair includes:

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