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5 Quick Ways To Protect Your Home Before A Flood

flooded living room

Depending on where your home is located, as a resident of Central Illinois, you may experience flooding in your home or business. One week may be a drought and the next, the Illinois River may crest and flood into the downtown district or even further. While drastic measures such as elevating your home above flood level may not be a feasible options, there are a few quick measures that will at least provide some relief during a flood.

Clean Out Your Gutters & Downspouts

Any clogs in your gutters can cause for excessive water build up. That’s why it’s always best to clean out your gutters and downspouts before any heavy rainfall or flooding occurs. You want to give the water a clear path to flow down from your roof and away from your house. In addition to clearing out your gutters and downspouts, make sure your downspout is pointed away from your house to help control the flooding.

Turn Off Your Electricity

Before any water enters your home, turn off the electricity on the breaker panel. If you have any standing water, though, don’t touch any of your electrical appliances and stay out of any rooms where there may be standing water.  

Elevate Your Furniture & Appliances

For most, elevating the actual home is not an option. An alternative safeguard is to simply elevate your furniture or major appliances to avoid as much water damage as possible. You can either do this by raising them up off of the ground or, if your home has multiple levels, move what you can to the second level.

Waterproof Your Valuables

If you know for sure that your home will be flooded and are not able to take all of your valuables with you upon evacuation, waterproofing them is still a good idea. You can do this by putting them in waterproof sealed bags or plastic containers that can withstand excessive water.

Fill Your Foundation Cracks

While this may take some forward thinking, filling foundation cracks is always a good idea when flood waters are coming. Any cracks or crevices in your foundation can weaken your home and be more likely to let water in. If you aren’t sure about the state of your foundation, always consult with a foundation contractor to be sure.

Depending on how much your home is affected by flooding, even with these quick tips for protection, you may experience flood damage. If so, call Kelley Construction for your flood restoration. We serve residents throughout the Peoria, Pekin, and Bloomington areas providing quality, affordable restoration services you can count on.