A kitchen with severe fire damage in Peoria IL

Find the Source: Stopping Fire Damage Before It Begins

A fire at your workplace or home can be devastating and terrifying. Sometimes a fire is a freak occurrence, and there’s no right way to predict how it could have been prevented. However, there are ways to manage potential sources of fire better. By taking specific preventative measures, you can stop fire damage before it […]

A kitchen submerged in water, taking severe water damage in Peoria IL

Don’t Slip Under: Dealing with Life After Water Damage

Water damage is an unfortunate problem for any family to incur. When water invades your home, it can destroy furniture, flooring, walls and personal belongings. Moreover, it can make your house unsafe to live-in, driving you out of your shelter. Not only do you need assistance from a reliable water damage renovator, but you need […]

The aftermath of storm damage, with a fallen tree on the roof of a home in Peoria IL

Keep Storm Damage at Bay with These Tips

When you live in Central Illinois, you’re no stranger to bad weather. Spring and summer can be hostile seasons in the Midwest when it comes to stormy conditions. If you expect to stay settled in the area, and not deal with storm damage every time severe weather blows through, you need to prepare for the […]

Does My Deck Need Repaired?

It’s no wonder why your deck ends up worn out over the years when you consider how much traffic and inclement weather it takes on. With a little regular maintenance, though, you can help extend the life of your deck. Sure, minor damages here and there may not seem necessary to take care of, but […]

Should I Buy A House With Foundation Problems?

Finding the right house can be stressful. Aside from all of the personal preferences – big bedrooms, nice flooring, spacious kitchen, updated bathrooms – you also have to take into account the structural integrity of the home. After all, it doesn’t really matter how great the kitchen looks if your home has a damaged foundation […]

flooded living room

5 Quick Ways To Protect Your Home Before A Flood

Depending on where your home is located, as a resident of Central Illinois, you may experience flooding in your home or business. One week may be a drought and the next, the Illinois River may crest and flood into the downtown district or even further. While drastic measures such as elevating your home above flood […]

Hail on the roof after hailstorm

April 10th Insurance Coverage Deadline For Central Illinois Hail Damage Repairs

Call One Of Our Area Locations For Your Hail Assessment  Pekin: 309-346-6604 Peoria: 309-676-1709 Bloomington: 309-452-0900 April 10th is fast-approaching and if you are like most, you may not know how important that date is. Last year on April 10, many residential and commercial properties throughout Central Illinois were damaged by an early spring thunderstorm that produced golf […]

winter storm damage

Winter Storm Damage Restoration

Living in the Midwest, winter storms are inevitable. This is usually means for staying inside, only to trek outside to quickly remove snow from the driveway before retreating back indoors. The problem is that winter storms can cause excessive damage to your home, sometimes unseen unless you experience signs from the inside such as water […]

Winter Water Damage to a Home’s Foundation and Basement

Most people worry about water damage during spring and summer, when powerful rainstorms increase the risk of flooding. However, winter can be the most problematic time of the year for water intrusion into a home’s foundation and basement. If you have winter moisture problems in your basement, you are not alone. With 60% of homes […]

Home Makeover: Winter Edition

When you think of home makeover projects, you likely imagine them in progress and completed during the spring or summer. While it’s true that most home construction projects – especially exterior ones – are completed during the summer, you can save time and money by doing them in the winter. Here’s why you should consider […]