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Does My Deck Need Repaired?

It’s no wonder why your deck ends up worn out over the years when you consider how much traffic and inclement weather it takes on. With a little regular maintenance, though, you can help extend the life of your deck. Sure, minor damages here and there may not seem necessary to take care of, but unfortunately, leaving them be can lead to even more damages and potential dangers. If you notice any of the common deck issues below, it’s time to call the decking experts at Kelley Construction for repairs.

1. Rotten Wood

Any rotting wood on your deck is not something you want to leave unrepaired. It can compromise the integrity of your deck and not only make it unsightly but also very dangerous. You may be able to tell that wood is rotting just by looking at your deck and noticing discolored panels. Another way to check is to take a screwdriver and poke around the corners and fasteners. If the wood feels soft, it is rotten and will need to be repaired. Because rotting can spread, you should get the repair done quickly to avoid further damages that could lead to a total deck replacement.

2. Cracked Boards

Cracked boards are usually the most obvious. You can obviously see large cracked panels and may also experience a splinter if you touch one. Luckily, even though these may be the easiest to see, they are usually also the easiest to repair. Just call a decking contractor to replace the damaged boards and you should be all set to go.

3. Loose Railings

Deck railings are not only present to give your deck a defined space, but they are also a safety measure. That’s why you should routinely check to make sure all of your railings are sturdy and securely fastened. In addition to feeling the railing itself, also check the hardware to make sure there is no rotten wood and that all of the hardware is still present. If it’s not, or if you have a loose railing, have your deck railing repaired to ensure the safety of your family and friends.

Decks are a great space for entertaining and relaxing, and you will want to make sure to get the most of your deck by maintaining it and repairing it as needed. Kelley Construction is a decking contractor for homes throughout Peoria and all of Central Illinois. If you notice any areas of concern on your deck, contact us for your deck repair.