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DYI—When is it Time to Bring in the Professionals?

There is nothing more satisfying than completing a home improvement job on your own. There are many excellent jobs that homeowners can easily take on themselves and then step back and beam with pride after a job well-done. But how do you know when you can tackle a project on your own and when it might be more cost effective (and safe) to bring in a professional? Here are four things to consider.

  1. Is it dangerous? – The first thing to consider when taking on a home improvement project is if you could get hurt if you do it on your own. Even something as simple as painting your living room could result in a trip to the emergency room if you don’t have the proper equipment or are unprepared for the physical demands of the project.
  2. Will you cause damage to your house or decrease the value? – Without the appropriate knowledge or training, some projects could cause serious problems for your home if they are done incorrectly. Additionally, if a project is not done to the appropriate code requirements or is just done poorly, it could decrease the value of your home.
  3. Do you need permits? – If the job requires permitting from your municipality’s building inspector, it is a major red flag for do-it-yourselfers. A permitted job requires inspections that must adhere to strict building codes. If you do not have professional experience for a particular project, leave it to someone who does.
  4. Is it a complicated or large project? – Underestimating the complexity of a project and what is required to do it correctly is a common mistake. Individuals often think a job will take less time to complete, require less manpower or fewer financial resources. Additionally, if you can only work on a job over the weekend, it could take a lot longer to complete than you originally estimated.

If you are unsure about the scope of a home improvement project, contact an expert to get their input. If you find yourself needing help to rectify a project that went wrong, don’t be afraid to get professional help. Kelley Construction has been assisting homeowners with improvement projects in Peoria and the surrounding Illinois area since 1994. Give us a call for a fair and honest quote!