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Expert Tips to Prevent Home Foundation Issues

Your home’s foundation is one of the most critical components of your home. Making sure your foundation is in good condition can save you thousands of dollars in repairs caused by structural issues or water damage!

Water is one of the most common problems for foundations. Water can erode soil and cause issues with foundations becoming unstable, and it can also pool or seep below your foundation, leading to mold or dry rot issues.

If you have experienced water leaking into your basement or crawlspace or suspect a moisture problem, it’s important to get it checked out by a professional right away. It’s unlikely the issue will resolve on its own and it will continue to get worse, causing even more problems. Kelley Construction Contractors offers comprehensive foundation repair, waterproofing, and water damage restoration services – get an estimate today.

To learn more about foundation issues, how water damage can affect your foundation, and the best tips for preventing foundation issues that could damage your home, check out this article published on Redfin this month. Kelley Construction Contractors was one of several foundation and restoration contractors consulted and it is full of great tips for protecting your home’s foundation from water damage and other issues. Check it out today!

Redfin: Expert Tips to Prevent Home Foundation Issues