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Find the Source: Stopping Fire Damage Before It Begins

A fire at your workplace or home can be devastating and terrifying. Sometimes a fire is a freak occurrence, and there’s no right way to predict how it could have been prevented. However, there are ways to manage potential sources of fire better. By taking specific preventative measures, you can stop fire damage before it even begins. It all comes down to finding the source of a potential fire and making sure to fireproof that area better.

Fires in the Kitchen

Perhaps the area of deepest concern, when it comes to fires, is your kitchen. There are an array of appliances and electronics that could all start a fire, especially items such as ovens and stoves.

  • Burnt Cooking – We’ve all done it before: misread the instructions or forgot to set a timer for the dish you were preparing. This mistake, although minor, can lead to significant damage.
  • Gas Left On – With a gas stove in the kitchen, it can sometimes be knocked into, and the gas is left to continue running. Any little spark or flame could then cause a massive explosion and fire.
  • Frying with Oil – Oil fires are some of the fastest spreading fires in a kitchen. By cooking with too much oil, some could splatter out and cause drapes or other kitchen fixings to catch fire.

Fires in the Bedroom

Would you believe the next highest amount of fires in your home start in your bedroom? Much of this issue has to do with the sheer volume of flammable objects you can find in your bedroom.

  • Neglected Candles – Although you can accidentally leave a candle lit in any room of your home, bedrooms are one of the most dangerous places. This is due to the amount of fabric and plush that can catch fire.
  • Shorted-Out Outlets – With the lack of outlets in bedrooms, it’s easy to overload the ones you have. After plugging in your lamps, alarms, sleep machines, TVs, humidifiers and more, you’re looking at a potential fire hazard.
  • Smoking – If you wish to indulge in a cigarette, please do so outside the confines of your bedroom. Again, with the number of flammable objects in any bedroom, you risk bringing everything up in flames.

Fires in the Living Room

As you kick your feet up and turn up the television, be mindful that the living room can be as dangerous a place as any when fire has its way. Take measures in securing the most “lived in” room of the house.

  • Fireplaces – There’s nothing like a warm fire in the deep midwinter. However, a fireplace won’t do you much good if it isn’t adequately protected. Be sure to install glass doors or a screen to keep sparks from flying out.
  • Heated Pads and Blankets – Keeping heat on your back is important after a long day at work. Also, staying warm under a heated blanket is just as important. However, never leave these electronics unattended, for fear of them getting too hot.
  • Old Wiring – If you live in an older house, it would be smart of you to have your wiring inspected. Especially in a room where you spend much of your time with electronics, you don’t want an electrical fire to start.

Picking Up the Pieces

Making repairs during fire damage restoration in Peoria IL

Even after taking all the proper precautions, fire is still a worry. A grill may catch fire to the side of your home or lightning may strike and ignite your house; fire damage can be sudden and unforgiving. However, if dealing with fire damage of your own, there’s no need to fret. You can get the best fire damage restoration you need when you rely on the professionals at Kelley Construction Contractors, Inc.

Here at Kelley Construction Contractors, Inc., we have years of experience with numerous restoration services. Across Central Illinois, we’ve helped families recover from fires, storms, water damage, flooding and more. Additionally, we can assist with your next construction projects, including services like room remodeling, basement waterproofing, foundation repair and exterior renovation.

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