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A Fire Damage Assessment Is Essential For Restoration

fire damage restoration bloomington, fire damage repair bloomington, fire damage cleanup bloomingtonAfter all the devastation of a house fire, it’s disappointing to realize that that was only half of your nightmare. When it comes to property fires, sometimes the damage is more than it seems. You need a professional fire damage assessment to get a complete picture of the destruction.

Fire Damage Restoration In Bloomington

The experts at Kelley Construction will come to your property for an in-depth analysis of the damage in order to accurately estimate costs and recommend the best fire damage restoration solution. A complete assessment will cover every area of the interior and exterior of your property. While you may only notice cosmetic damage, it’s important to check your foundation to make sure your property is structurally sound.  

A housekeeping team is not enough. A proper assessment after a fire event involves both field and laboratory work. This helps determine the extent of fire damage in order to design appropriate and cost effective repairs. For example, the heat associated with fires may vaporize trapped moisture in the pores of concrete, weakening it. Additionally, severe heat may cause chemical changes that lead to micro-cracking, visible only under magnification, which also leads to loss of strength and integrity.

Soot hides most cracks, spalls, and distortions in the structure. It is hard to see all the problems. The amount of damage is dependent on the quantity of metal, the surface contact of metal with fire, and other factors. 

Affected Materials

Timber structures may be repaired with new timbers or composites of steel and timber members, and steel structures are normally repaired with steel. Both concrete and masonry structural elements are frequently repaired with fiber reinforced polymers (FRP) or externally bonded steel members using epoxy adhesive. 

Following a fire some structural connectors, such as metal truss plates and epoxied bolts or other framing connectors, may be damaged by the heat of fire or by post-fire corrosion. There may also be additional chemical damage from the corrosive effects of fire residues. The excessive heat, loss of galvanized coatings, and  other chemicals used to extinguish the fire might have reactions. Metal roof supports, ceilings, and other structural members are vulnerable to long-term acid attack from fire residues

Roofing materials need a trained eye to observe the damage. if a fire originating inside the building interior did not burn but if the roof covering, such as asphalt shingles, was heated to a high temperature, the roof covering may have been damaged and may have a reduced remaining life.

Electrical system also needs a close inspection. Studies have shown that some or all electrical wiring might need to be replaced within areas of the fire. Heat exposure, for example, can damage electrical wire insulation, making it less safe in the future. 

Odor Issues

Smoke smells may remain in the building even after its structure and other components have been repaired and replaced. Fire damage restoration companies can offer help in finding, cleaning, removing, or sealing materials giving a remaining smoke or fire odor problem.

Professional Cleaning & Disinfection  

Every situation is different. The structure may be cleaned by means of dry ice blasting, grit blasting, water blasting, or chemical washing. If you also need professional cleaning and disinfection for your commercial or residential property, look no further than Kelley’s fire damage restoration experts.  

Any home that has experienced fire damage should be systematically inspected for visible, invisible and structural damage. The goal is to get the structure back- aesthetically and functionally.  

Contact Your Fire Damage Restoration Experts

You will need an experienced team to take care of every aspect of getting your property back to normal. Kelley Construction Contractors, Inc. provides comprehensive water damage services that will restore your property back to its original condition, if not better. We do the full works for fire damage restoration.

Our team offers top-of-the-line construction coupled with superior customer experience. We are licensed, insured, and bonded for both residential and commercial projects: roofing, siding, windows, room additions, sunrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, basements.

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