If you have experienced an upward tilting floor and cracked walls, foundation heaving may be your issue. This simply refers to part of your foundation being pushed upward, while usually the rest of the foundation stays in place. Should you have a foundation or slab upheaval problem, you will want to get that fixed immediately. Contact Kelley Construction to for your foundation heaval repair and all of your foundation repairs. We will come to your home to make sure that is the issue, but even if it’s a different foundation problem, we can fix it. Let us help keep your home and family safe with quality, reliable foundation repair services.

What Causes A Heaving Foundation?

When it comes to foundation heaving, the soil is almost always to blame. Your foundation is shifted likely because of the soil movement below, and common causes of this include the following:

  • Soil expansion/compression
  • Freezing temperatures
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Excessive rainfall

Heaving Foundation Repair

The key to a proper repair to make sure the problem is indeed heaving. While opposite of foundation settling, the signs are similar to the untrained eye. That’s why the team at Kelley Construction will come to your home to first inspect the problem and then provide the recommended solution. We will stabilize the heaving and also repair any damage in your home, so you will not even know there was ever a problem. If you suspect a foundation heave at your home, contact Kelley today!

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