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Home Makeover: Winter Edition

When you think of home makeover projects, you likely imagine them in progress and completed during the spring or summer. While it’s true that most home construction projects – especially exterior ones – are completed during the summer, you can save time and money by doing them in the winter. Here’s why you should consider planning your home makeover project for this winter instead of waiting for warmer weather:


More Available Contractors

Since business is generally slower during the winter, it should be easier to get in contact with the professional contractor(s) of your choice. The other perk of this slow time is that the contractor that you choose will likely have more time to spend with you going over details in the planning and designing stages of your project.


Reduced Prices

Most contractors increase their prices ahead of spring, aware that their busy season is coming up. Knowing this means you’ll find your best deals in the winter. Manufacturers are also aware of the higher demand in spring and summer, and often introduce new product lines and upgrade their wares: meaning there’s a good chance you’ll find reduced pricing on things like hardware fixtures, windows, and lumber, as manufacturers try to free up older inventory.


Better Inventory

Speaking of inventory, fixtures that fly off the shelves in warmer months have a good chance of being in stock during the winter. This gives you the opportunity to really shop around for exactly what you want without risk of it becoming sold out.


Convenient Scheduling

With winter being the slow season, it also means your contractor’s schedule is fairly open. Exterior projects are usually left for spring and summer, so your contractor will have more time to complete various interior projects like painting, flooring, drywalling, updating lighting and/or replacing cabinetry.


If you have a vision in mind for your home’s makeover, there’s no better time to get a start on it than now. Call Kelley Construction Contractors for your restoration, renovation, or remodeling needs. One of Central Illinois’s largest family-owned home improvement companies, we are licensed, insured, and bonded to do residential and commercial projects. This includes roofing, siding and windows, room additions and sunrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and solar. Contact us today!