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Make Money By Saving Money

Investing in energy savings projects in one’s home is a win win. It saves you money and helps save our natural resources. Technology has progressed so there are numerous new ways to make your home energy-efficient, and can save money on utilities expenses. These energy-efficient improvements also increase the resale value of your home, helping you make money by saving money.
Here are a few projects to consider to make increase your home’s energy-efficiency and increase its resale value.
Who doesn’t want free energy? Solar makes this possible. By harvesting the power of the sun, solar panels turn those rays into power that can pay you back through renewable energy credits or by selling the excess energy produced back to the power company. Learn more about how solar power works and saves you money on our website. 
Not only does siding give your house a facelift, it is one of the best choices for improving your home’s value according to a 2014 article from The National Association of Realtor’s website, Houselogic. Siding saves homeowners time and money on future maintenance by protecting the wood from rot, saving money on painting upkeep, and insulated siding is able to maintain interior temperatures, offering an additional layer of protection from heat and cooling loss.
Windows are a prime culprit of drafts and leaks that can increase heating and cooling costs. New windows can help save money in a variety of ways. A window’s glazing, according to the Energy.gov website “can help control solar heat gain and loss in heating climates.” A window’s location (i.e. north or south facing windows) and window style (i.e. casement or double hung) is another consideration when choosing windows, as these factors also affect their energy performance ratings. Energy-efficient windows receive an Energy Star rating to help you determine its performance rating and what options are best for your home.
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