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Make Your Property Eco Friendly for Earth Day

Since 1970, over 193 countries around the world have set aside April 22nd for Earth Day to support efforts that protect our precious planet and its diminishing resources.
We at Kelley Construction try to be environmentally conscious and eco-friendly in how we conduct our business. If you are considering an upcoming property renovation or remodeling, there are plenty of options for you to explore with Kelley Construction that promote sustainable materials, all while giving you the design you’ve been dreaming of.
Consider Using Energy Efficient Equipment
If you see a product, such as on oven, refrigerator, or even windows, with an ENERGY STAR label printed on it, know that it doesn’t get much more energy efficient than that! This label states that that particular piece of equipment is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA.  Not only that, but these products also boast high performance standards, all while saving you significant cost and energy savings! Everybody wins!
Ask Yourself if Your Property is Properly Insulated
Did you know that heating and cooling systems account for about half of your property’s energy systems? That’s why proper insulation is so important, both for the earth and for your wallet! Make sure that air leaks are not present in your property’s windows, doors, and duct systems. Proper insulation is the perfect way to reduce your energy bills all while reducing your energy consumption.
Sustainable Building Materials are Both Beautiful and Environmentally Friendly
Every part of your property renovation, from the roofing material to your kitchen cabinets and countertops, can reduce the impact of construction on our environment. If you want to make  your property as eco-friendly as possible, consider using products such as recycled plastic, recycled glass, reclaimed lumber and natural products such as bamboo, cork, and linoleum.
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