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Planning A Successful Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodeling peoriaWith the start of the new year, the urge to freshen things up often becomes overwhelming. If 2023 comes with a plan for a bathroom remodel in your Peoria home, then you are probably a bit overwhelmed with where to start. 

Bathroom Remodeling Peoria

The following questions will help you successfully plan a bathroom remodel project while avoiding as many disasters and stress as possible. After all, careful, clear, and precise planning is the best way to prevent bathroom remodeling disasters.

What is Your budget?

You can ask anyone who has done a home remodel project, and they will all likely say that it ended up costing more than they had planned. While contingencies are a part of any home renovation project, thorough planning can help to keep those to a minimum. Knowing what your budget is from the very beginning, being transparent, and defining precisely what you have to spend will help to determine every single decision. From the size and scope of the project to finishes and fixtures, every decision needs to be made with consideration to your budget. Nail this down first and foremost, and then you can avoid disappointment and stress that arise from unplanned costs or unrealistic expectations. 

What Level Of Remodeling Are You Looking for?

The size and level of bathroom remodeling that you have in mind will be the most significant factor when planning a bathroom remodel. Surface remodels, more involved gut and replace remodels, or reconfiguring the layout are the main types of bathroom remodeling and each requires different planning and preparation in order to execute correctly. The surface remodel is at the simpler end of the scale and entails changes to the general design and aesthetics of the room. If your budget is small, a simple change of paint and a new fixture can make a huge impact on a surface remodel. A gut-and-replace project involves preserving your original bathroom’s layout and fixture placements while gutting the room to reveal its naked walls and floors. Then, you come back in with brand-new flooring, lighting, vanity, and plumbing fixtures. Reconfiguring the layout means the walls and exterior of the bathroom remain the same, but the furnishings are rearranged. This level of bathroom remodeling is far more complicated than a makeover or fixture replacement and is often time-consuming, intrusive, and more expensive. It also requires sub-contractors to perform the plumbing and electrical changes. Depending on what your space and budget allow, you can determine which type of remodel you are going to implement in your space. 

Is Your Bathroom Remodel Project Something You Can Handle on Your Own? 

A small-scale reconfiguration of your bathroom may be a project you feel comfortable tackling on your own, but a full-scale remodel will require the help and licensing of a contractor. Keep in mind that ensuring quality results often comes down to experience and expertise, so trusting your project with a qualified contractor may yield the best results. Another benefit to using a contractor is they know what building permits may or may not be required. 

If you need more planning tips, advice, or an expert opinion, call Kelley Construction. We specialize in bathroom remodeling here in Peoria and can help bring your plan to fruition.