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Reimagine Your Kitchen Remodel for 2022 in Peoria

peoria kitchen remodelAfter almost two years of maxing out the usefulness of your existing home, the limitations of your kitchen are becoming more evident. If your kids had online school, if you hosted hours of zoom calls, or if you just cooked more at home to avoid busy restaurants, you were reminded daily of the design problems in your kitchen. Let Kelley Construction help you create a kitchen that fits your new family life better. 

Keep It Flexible

The industry catchphrase “flex-space” describes areas designed to accommodate changing needs. Today’s multigenerational and mobile homeowners require the freedom to adapt their homes to fit their changing needs.

So create spaces by thinking ahead—design rooms that can easily do double duty without a lot of extra work or hassle because the idea of adaptability and change has been built in already.  Large, undefined spaces can be split into multiple, purposeful spaces with architectural elements: glass front doors, decorative screens, different paint colors. Find functional storage furniture to clearly define spaces for specific uses.

Today’s open floor plans have interesting little nooks and alcoves that can be customized to accommodate your family’s hobbies, interests and design aesthetic. Without proper planning and remodeling, these undefined open spaces can become an unattractive catch-all clutter. 

Make Space For How You Live

Small alcoves can become cozy reading nooks, study coves, mini-offices and even instant minibars. The right shelving, cabinets and stow-away elements with seating can maximize these small areas what you want them to be. 

Choose neutral materials to blend with different design styles as times change. Add built-in functional storage, individual or group sized workspace, or even a hidden wine fridge- the things your family values most. Plan for multiple electrical, wireless and plumbing needs in the space.

Start At The Beginning

Large renovation projects often end up taking more time and money than you plan; set a conservative budget beneath your max (in case your project goes over.) Visit some active listings for sale in your neighborhood. Make sure you aren’t aiming too high (or low) for a future sale. Get ideas of how others are using their spaces– steal all the good ideas!   

Bring in the designers from Kelley Construction early to discuss all of your hopes and requirements for your kitchen renovation. Unless you have a really good reason to make an exception, keep the classic work triangle. Arrange the sink, refrigerator, and stove so that all are just a step or two away. Price out high-quality, functional items for potential resale value. High-quality cabinets, countertops, and appliances will bring you joy now and money later.

Make great plans but be prepared to make adjustments. Perhaps the appliances you want have supply chain issues. Let the Kelley team share their real time experience with you to set proper expectations. 

Dream Kitchen Experts For Your Remodel

You will need an experienced team to take your kitchen up to the next level. Kelley Construction Contractors, Inc. offers top-of-the-line construction coupled with superior customer experience. We are licensed, insured, and bonded for both residential and commercial projects. Schedule an in-person consultation to discuss making a kitchen you will love in Peoria.