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Roof Repair In Peoria’s Rough Winters

roof repairs peoriaPeoria gets an average of 23 inches of snowfall during the winter months. While this sounds great to those who like to hit the slopes, it can mean trouble for your roof and its slope. Heavy snow can be tough on your roof and leave you in need of a roof repair, especially in our climate. While your roof was built to withstand all the elements, including snow, it can become susceptible to damage during the upcoming winter months. Here are some important roof repair tips to keep in mind from our experts in Peoria.

Roof Repair In Peoria

When snow that accumulates on your roof has not fully melted away before more snow comes, the layers of snow can become pretty heavy. In general, your roof should be able to support 20 pounds of snow per square foot. That means that around 2 feet of wet snow is about all your roof can handle. Our average snowfall is right around that 2 feet mark, so what can you do to help keep your roof from caving under the weight of fallen snow? If snow is building up on your roof, you should invest in a roof rake. A roof rake is a long-armed instrument that has a blade with wheels on the end of it that allows you to scrape the snow off of your roof, kind of like a snow shovel. A general rule of thumb is to clear your roof after 6 inches of snowfall to avoid any unnecessary weight on your roof. 

Not only can the weight of snow mean trouble for your roof, but when that snow freezes it can put your roof at risk of ice dams. Ice dams are formed when snow and ice melt and then freeze again around the edge of your roof. Ice dams can create blockages and cause water to back up into your shingles resulting in leaking ceilings. In worst-case scenarios, ice dams can even trigger roof collapse. The key to preventing ice dams is to try to keep heat from escaping from your roof where it melts the snow too quickly, and then freezes again at the edge of your roof where there is little to no heat. Proper attic ventilation, usually achieved through soffit vents, draws in cool air and flushes out warmer air which will help keep a more even temperature across your roof. Raking the snow off your roof can also help reduce the risk of ice dams forming. Make sure your gutters are cleared out and able to properly route water off of and away from your roof before the snow starts so you know water can drain properly. 

Hopefully this winter will take it easy on our roofs, but just in case you find yourself in need of roof repair whether from too much snow or ice dams, Kelley Construction is here to help. We can perform roof repair of all sizes, slopes, and materials. If you suspect your roof may need repaired, call us right away. Damages can escalate quickly, especially during winter weather. Watch your roof this winter and call the roof repair experts at Kelley Construction if you have any needs or concerns.