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Steps To Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

bathroom remodeling services peoriaIs it time to refresh your bathroom? Nothing is more relaxing than a clean and fresh bathroom, light and bright. New finishings in your bathroom can make all the difference in how it looks and how it feels. 

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Peoria

Kelley Construction has all the experience needed to make your bathroom remodeling dreams come true. We know a lot of planning goes into any remodeling project so we will share some of our best tips for planning and budgeting for a bathroom remodeling project in your Peoria home. 

  1. Getting a Permit: First things first, check with local building codes to see if your remodeling project requires a permit. Most cities and counties require permits for projects involving remodeling, so know what is required and make sure you have the correct paperwork and inspections for the project even before you begin. 
  2. Make a Detailed Plan: You need to make sure that you have a solid understanding of the size and scope of the project before any work begins. This step is vital to ensure that your expectations can be and are met. To make this step successful, we suggest making your plan with an experienced contractor so that you are all on the same page.
  3. Review Your Budget: The National Kitchen and Bath Association estimates that the average bathroom remodeling budget is typically dictated by size, averaging $125 a square foot. Keep in mind this number is a very rough estimate and will change based on selected furnishings and the scope of the project. To help you make and plan on a budget that will fit your income and still get you the desired result, talk with your contractor about the services required and the finishes you desire. A bathroom remodel will increase your home’s value, and the expected return on your remodeling investment is more than 60% of the major remodel. To break it down even further, we are going to show you rough estimates for different bathroom remodels based on the size and scope of the project.
    1. Minor Project or Refresh: Projects that might be included in this type of service are new paint, vanity, and hardware updates, such as new light fixtures and a new countertop or sink. At this level, you can plan to spend anywhere between $200 and $5,000.
    2. Minor Remodel: Projects for this level of service could include new faucets for the sink, shower, and tub, new tile and shower surround, new bathtub fixture, moving fixtures and supply or drain lines, changing electrical wiring, building new walls and replacing floors. These services can range between $5,000 and $15,000.
    3. Major Remodel: If you are planning on new cabinets, changing the layout, removing walls, adding new features (i.e. stand-alone tub), redoing plumbing or electrical, adding windows, or upgrading materials and finishes, you can plan on spending $15,000 or more. 
  4. Give Your Project Time: Every home project needs time, and often more time than you originally perceived. Give yourself some contingency when it comes to time. One sure way to keep your project on time and get it completed in a timely manner is to work with an experienced contractor who offers and specializes in bathroom remodeling services. 

Here at Kelley Construction, we can help you plan the bathroom remodel of your dreams and work within your budget and in a timeline that works for you. Give us a call when you’re ready to remodel your bathroom!