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Things to Consider Before a Sun Room Addition

Oftentimes, when property owners think of home additions they think, sunroom. On average, sunrooms cost less than full-scale room additions, and yet still provide just as much square footage. Not only can an addition of a sunroom increase a home’s value, they are an energy-efficient way to transform and beautify a home while adding natural sunlight to the space. Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider before moving forward with a sunroom addition.
Know the Room’s Purpose
Ask yourself, “What will we enjoy doing in our sunroom?” Knowing the answer will not only help in the design of the room, but also in receiving an accurate estimate. In regions with four seasons, sunrooms can provide many hours of “outdoor living” when the elements are harsh. Even in relatively mild weather, people enjoy being “bug-free” in the comfort of a beautiful enclosure. Whether it’s for watching T.V., enjoying morning coffee, relaxing with a book, painting a masterpiece, or entertaining guests, the possibilities are endless.
Estimate & Pricing
Look for a contractor that offers a free estimate with no obligation to buy, ensuring they are licensed, insured, and bonded for residential projects. The best way to receive an accurate estimate is to have a measurement done at your home.
Zoning & Permits
Check with the local building department at the start of project planning to find out local zoning restrictions. Determine the permits that are necessary and find out how they will be processed. Identify who will schedule the inspections required by your local building department.
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HVAC & Electrical
Building a sunroom addition means expanding your home’s existing electrical and HVAC system into the new space. Unfortunately, this can get a bit complicated for two main reasons: 1. The equipment that runs these systems for your house (particularly the electrical service panel, the furnace and the air conditioner) aren’t big enough to take on the added load of the new space, and 2. The wiring used today differs from what was originally used when the house was built.
Sunroom additions make it possible to transform your current residence into a “dream dwelling.” They are less expensive than many remodeling jobs and are usually more affordable than moving. Whether you need more space or just want to update your abode, a sunroom is an ideal home addition.
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