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Things To Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

bathroom remodeling peoriaBathroom remodeling is a popular home renovation project that can add value, functionality, and aesthetic appeal to your Peoria home. Not only are you able to make the changes you want and need, but you’re also able to enjoy the presence of your home even further.

Bathroom Remodeling Peoria

Whether you’re looking to upgrade an outdated bathroom, increase storage space, or simply make your bathroom more comfortable, there are many aspects to consider when planning a remodel: 


Your budget is one of the first things to consider when planning a bathroom remodel. Bathroom remodels can range from simple cosmetic updates to full-scale renovations, and the cost can vary greatly depending on the scale and scope of your project. It’s important to have a clear budget in mind so you can plan your bathroom remodel accordingly and avoid overspending.

Bathroom Layout

Another key factor to consider is the layout of your bathroom. If you’re planning a full-scale remodel, consider moving fixtures and plumbing to create a more functional and efficient layout. This may involve adding additional electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, or ventilation systems. If you’re working with an existing layout, you may be able to make small changes to improve functionality, such as adding shelving or installing a new shower or bathtub.

Materials & Finishes

Once you’ve established a budget and a layout plan, it’s time to start thinking about the materials and finishes you want to use in your bathroom. This includes choosing flooring, tile, cabinetry, fixtures, and hardware. When selecting materials and finishes, it’s important to consider durability, cost, and maintenance requirements, as well as your personal style preferences.


Lighting is also an important aspect of bathroom remodeling. Adequate lighting is essential for both function and safety in the bathroom, and there are many options to choose from, including overhead lighting, sconces, and task lighting. Also, consider installing dimmer switches to create a more versatile and adjustable lighting environment.

Accessibility & Safety

When planning your bathroom remodel, it’s important to consider accessibility and safety. If you have mobility or accessibility needs, you may consider installing grab bars, a walk-in shower, or a higher toilet. In addition, consider adding features like slip-resistant flooring and non-slip surfaces in the shower or bathtub to prevent accidents and injuries.

Finding the Right Professional Contractor

Finally, it’s important to work with a professional contractor with experience in bathroom remodeling. A skilled contractor can help you navigate the many decisions involved in a bathroom remodel and can ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget. In addition, a contractor can help you troubleshoot any unexpected issues that may arise during the renovation process.

When you are ready to improve the functionality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal of your home through a bathroom remodeling project, the professionals at Kelley Construction are here to help. With our careful planning, experience, and expertise, we can help you can create the bathroom of your dreams. Give us a call today and let’s get to work on your bathroom remodeling plan today.