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Refrigerator Leaks And Water Damage

water damage restoration peoria, water damage cleanup peoria, water damage peoriaThe Kelley Construction team in Peoria often fixes water damage from refrigerators. These drips, over time, work their way down between the boards and behind the appliance, spoiling the floor in front of the appliance and inviting mold – making professional cleanup necessary. Common causes are:

Leaky Water Supply Line

If your refrigerator incorporates an ice maker, it gets water from a 1/4-inch tube—typically made of plastic—routed from the kitchen sink water line. Inconspicuous water leakage or drips, may result if this connection loosens. The plastic supply tube itself is also prone to deteriorate and  could eventually crack. 

From time to time, a clogged or frozen water supply line will cause water to puddle beneath the refrigerator. It will also affect ice production from the ice maker and slow or stop water flow from the dispenser.

Clogged Defrost Drain Or Filters

Refrigerators with auto-defrost feature discharge moisture created by defrosting into a drain line that extends to a drip pan underneath the refrigerator, where the moisture evaporates. If the defrost drain line clogs with food particles or other debris, water may drip behind or beneath the unit, missing the collection pan. 

A number of refrigerators have water filters located beneath or behind the fridge; sometimes these filters will clog, or the filter housings/lines crack creating a small, persistent drip of water. 

Condensation Leaks 

Condensation forming inside the refrigerator compartment should drip through a drain tube directly into the drip pan beneath the unit. If the drain hole is clogged or obstructed by some object, leakage may occur. Another cause can be that the refrigerator is not level, so collecting condensation does not flow toward the drain hole. A typical sign of this is small amounts of water leaking out the front of the refrigerator.

Prevention Is The Key

A single broken water line can send gallons of water onto the floor in just minutes. Or worse, a small leak at a connection can allow a tiny drip to silently degrade your kitchen. Take this risk seriously:

  • Clear away any dust and debris from behind the unit, then check for hard water buildup in the water line.  
  • Replace the inexpensive plastic with a copper or stainless steel line that offers better durability.
  • Turn off your main water supply before  going on an extended vacation.
  • Periodically check around the fridge and under sinks to look for telltale signs of water damage. Slow leaks can not only cause damage to the flooring; it can be a place that harbors mold growth.
  • Purchase a battery operated water alarm.  If the sensor comes into contact with water, it will let off an alarm. 
  • Be careful when moving the refrigerator. The supply line may become kinked or over-stressed and may rupture.

If You Need Water Damage Cleanup In Peoria

When leakage is intermittent, it may be difficult to detect in order to cleanup. Over time, it can cause water damage to the floor or wall behind the refrigerator. Kelley Construction Contractors, Inc. provides comprehensive water damage cleanup services to restore your property back to its original condition, if not better. With teams dispatched from three physical locations, they can quickly serve the area about 70 miles around Peoria.