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Dangers Of Self Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration bloomington, water damage bloomington, water damage cleanup bloomingtonWater is great until it damages your home leaving you with an awful mess and damages. Sadly, water damage can come from a variety of sources such as busted pipes, natural disasters, leaks, cracks, etc. Each cause of water damage has different effects; however, proper restoration needs to occur for all water damage needs. In extreme circumstances, remodeling services may need to be provided. Despite the intensity of the water damage, calling a professional for restoration and remodeling services is necessary for you and your home. Here is a list of dangers that come from completing the restoration and remodeling process yourself.


  1. The first danger of DIY (do it yourself) water damage restoration is the danger the electrical system poses. If you’re like me, you may not know much about the electrical system, not to mention where the electrical wires are. Electricity and water DO NOT MIX and can pose a serious threat. In fact, electrified water can be fatal. Don’t let a DIY project send you to the hospital. A trained professional has knowledge of how to treat electrified water.

  2. When it comes to water damage, you are introduced to a set of new bacteria and germs. These new bacteria are foreign to your body; therefore, you don’t have the antibodies built up against that bacteria. Consequently, you face a serious health hazard. Chances are you don’t have the proper equipment to protect yourself from these bacteria. Contacting local professional help, like those at Kelley Construction, in Bloomington, is the best way to ensure your safety.

  3. Similar to new bacteria, mold is also prone to grow after water damage. If you complete a restoration process by yourself you may not know how to identify, extract, or disinfect mold-infested areas. Just like the bacteria, mold can pose a health risk as well. There is an unseen danger that comes from a DIY restoration process. 


  1. A DIY remodeling process has many dangers; however, the most common is the risk of falling. When it comes to water damage restoration, you will want to remodel your home as soon as possible. However, it is important to use professional help in order to lower dangerous risks.

  2. During construction processes, there are particles that will end up in the air one way or another. These particles can range from asbestos and lead. However, if you’re repairing a water damaged area the number of harmful particles, you’re exposed to will increase tremendously. Just like the foreign bacteria and mold, these particles are a huge threat to your health.

  3. Lastly, think of this scenario. Would you want a dentist to perform your open-heart surgery? Obviously not. You would want a trained heart surgeon. Well, it’s no different for your home. You would want a trained professional repairing your home, especially after water damage. Many individuals who remodel or restore their homes run into many structural problems. These structural problems can compromise the strength of your home. 

Professional Water Damage Restoration In Bloomington

Overall, restoration or remodeling your home from water damage poses many dangers. Be sure to keep yourself and your home safe by letting someone perform your restoration and remodeling needs. For any water damage restoration needs in Bloomington, contact Kelley Restoration. They will be able to help you!