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Water Mitigation & Mold Removal

Spring is a nice time of year mostly for the warm weather, chirping birds, and blooming trees. If there’s one downside to the season, though, it’s probably the rain. Spring can be a wet cupola of months, with numerous storms and downpours resulting in almost perpetually soggy ground and, in some areas, flooding.

Flooding and too much water standing near your foundation can result in water damage to your home and mold growth. Water mitigation is the process of reducing or preventing the amount of water damage that happens after a flood or plumbing failure. Mold can grow after just a couple of days, so it’s important if you have flooding or standing water to take action right away. If left untreated, mold can lead to serious health problems, so hire a professional that specializes in mold removal and water mitigation/restoration.

Although there’s not much you can do in the event of a storm that causes major flooding, there are still a few preventative steps that you as the homeowner can take to reduce your chances of a mold problem:

  • Caulk around water fixtures. Make sure your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, showers and bathtubs are properly caulked to prevent leaks.
  • Clean out your gutters. Standing water in your gutters due to clogs can lead to water leaking into the eaves and exterior walls. Keeping your gutters clear will help them do their jobs, which is to keep standing water away from your foundation.
  • Caulk around your windows. If there are any weak spots around your windows on the outside, rain can get in and cause wet spots and mold.
  • Fix a leaky roof. It’s easy to spot a leaky roof if water is dripping into your living room or bedroom, but you’ll also want to check your attic for sneakier ears that can lead to mold growth.
If you still find yourself with a plumbing leak or flooding from a storm, don’t hesitate to call Kelley Construction! At Kelley Construction, we offer a variety of water mitigation solutions to suit your budgetary needs and site conditions. During your free estimate, we’ll discuss the option that’s best for you (cost and length of the project will vary, depending on the scope and size of the work).
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