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Damage Control: Storm Damage to Expect in the Midwest

The midwest has a reputation for a few reasons. Everyone is so friendly, Wisconsin makes great cheese, Michigan is so beautiful, Indiana is so flat, and Illinois hosts the third largest city in the country where you can find the best deep dish pizza around. However, the midwest also has a reputation for other, less pleasant reasons. Bitter cold winters, blustering snow storms, unpredictable weather during the season changes, severe thunderstorms, and above all, tornados. Severe weather can damage or destroy personal property like cars or even homes. When this happens, midwesterners react in their typical midwest fashion – they stand up, wipe the dirt off their shoulder and fix the problem. For Kelley Construction Contractors, repairing storm damage is a specialty.


Types of Storm Damage
Much like the cheese aisle in any grocery store within 100 miles of Wisconsin, there are plenty of possibilities to expect when it comes to weather in the midwest.


Hail: Literal balls of ice plummeting to earth from the sky when thunderstorms are so strong they actually push precipitation upwards, where the temperature is below freezing. Hail can be as small as popcorn kernels and as large as softballs. Hail is detrimental to anything that can shatter or dent like windows , shingles, or roofing.


Snow: Midwesterners are hardy when it comes to snow. It arrives every year, provides beauty and entertainment for about two weeks and is then nothing but a nuisance until spring. Blizzards and regular heavy snowfall can create snowdrifts on rooftops that cause risk of caving in or causing structural damage. Bitter cold can causing housing structures to freeze, crack, or break.


Thunderstorms: For some there’s nothing more soothing than falling asleep to a thunderstorm – until lightning strikes a tree causing it to collapse onto their home. Thunderstorms can stay relatively tame; however, with their arrival comes the risk of strong winds, lightning, and flooding.


Tornadoes: If thunderstorms are the black bear of the midwest, where they’re generally not overly aggressive and don’t pose a serious cause for concern if you run into one, tornadoes are the grizzly bear of the midwest. Finding yourself in the path of a tornado means you’re at risk of not only damage to yourself and your home, there’s also a significant chance you or your home could be destroyed. Much like grizzly bears, if you find yourself in the path of a tornado, stay calm and take cover.


If you do end up a victim of storm damage, Kelley Construction Contractors can provide emergency services for commercial and residential storm damage repair, help you spot visible and hidden damage to your property inside and out, and make repairs to roofs, windows, interiors, and even walls or structures. If you live in the central Illinois area, call Kelley Construction Contractors for all storm related damage. Visit us at kelleyconstructioninc.com or give us a call at one of our locations:
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