Storms can damage your home in a number of unexpected ways. Hail can destroy shingles on your roof, or puncture glass windows. Heavy snow can cause sheds and garages to collapse, while tornadoes and lightning can lead to fires or structural damage.

Each of these emergencies has two things in common: first, they tend to come unexpectedly to our customers in Peoria, Bloomington, and throughout Central Illinois; and second, they can leave homeowners with huge logistical headaches. That’s because coordinating with insurance adjusters to arrange for necessary repairs can be difficult and time-consuming. And then, it’s necessary to find a good storm damage restoration team to put a home back into like-new condition.

That’s where Kelley Construction comes in. We can help with storm damage restoration by:

  • Providing emergency estimates for residential storm damage repair
  • Helping you to spot visible and hidden damage to your property
  • Making repairs to roofs, windows, and even walls or structures

So, if a storm has damaged your home unexpectedly, make the expert restoration team at Kelley Construction Contractors, Inc.  your first call!

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