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Foundation Repair Is a Complex Issue

The complete integrity of your home quite literally rests on its foundation. Anyone who has experienced a foundation issue in the past would be the first to advise you on knowing as much as you can about the foundation of a house before buying. Issues with the foundation of a structure often aren’t the fault of any one cause, but typically are the result of a combination of unfortunate circumstances.

Steel Piers

Because foundation issues are a symptom of a wide range of exterior or interior issues, there are many ways to solve the issues that will allow you to repair a foundation. A contractor like Kelley Construction, with our years of experience will be able to recommend which solution is the best fit for the problem a homeowner is facing. Here are some possible solutions for repairing a foundation:

  • Drainage Systems – If the problem is water, this solution will direct water in another path, away from the foundation.
  • Root Removal – If the problem is a root coming in contact with the foundation, this would be the option to use.
  • Underground Piers – If the earth around the foundation has been compromised in some way, this is one option that will provide support to the foundation.
  • Wall Anchors or Reinforcements – If a wall is bowing inside the house, this option provides support and stability for the wall (this option would most likely be used in conjunction with another solution).
  • Slab or Foam Jacking – If the floor of the foundation is sagging, this repair will pump extra support from underneath the floor by pouring cement or foam and letting it settle the floor and harden.
  • Crawl Space Supports – If the sagging floor is caused from weakened beams or flooring above a crawl space, this is often a viable option to add support.
Slab Jacking

When it comes to foundation repair, Kelley Construction is one of the best. We understand what the circumstances normally are and know how to combat them. Don’t let your home in Dunlap IL or the Central Illinois area go a moment longer with possible foundation issues. Our team is fully prepared to tackle the problem. Our equipment to put a house up on jacks or remove earth from around the foundation is at the ready. Let us know if you would like a free quote on your foundation repair today!