24/7/365 On-Call Service
24/7/365 On-Call Service

Foundations and basements go hand-in-hand, as they are both susceptible to problems caused by soil erosion around your home. In fact, an unstable foundation can actually lead to leaking water in your basement. That’s why you need a foundation and waterproofing contractor you can trust to handle one or both issues. The professionals at Kelley Construction provide affordable, reliable foundation and waterproofing services throughout the Peoria, Pekin, and Bloomington areas. Our goal is to maintain the integrity of your home and ultimately keep your family safe.

What foundation & waterproofing services do you offer?

Unless you are constantly checking the ground around your home, it can be nearly impossible to know when there is excessive moisture or when the soil is eroding enough to affect your home or let water inside. This is something you will want a professional contractor to handle. We will not only repair current damage, but we also provide preventative solutions, as well. When it comes to foundations and waterproofing, we offer two main services:

These services encompass a wide range of problems and solutions, so check out each page to learn more about the details. You may also contact us and we would be glad to answer any questions or provide you with an estimate.

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