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Restoration & Renovation Contractors Springfield, IL

Kelley Construction Contractors, Inc. is your trusted restoration and renovation contractor in the Springfield, IL area. We provide residential and commercial construction services for projects large and small throughout Springfield and surrounding areas. We are passionate about keeping the communities of Central Illinois safe, which is why our team travels to the Springfield area. When disaster strikes, you want a restoration contractor you can trust. Contact us today and experience the Kelley Difference for yourself.

Our Restoration Services in Springfield

flood damage peoriaWhen it comes to property restoration, we have you covered. We offer a wide variety of restoration services in Springfield that will get your property up and running again. Oftentimes, disasters occur at the most inopportune times and you may not have the money or time to deal with it. The best thing to do is to call us immediately and we can help you every step of the way, from inspection to the insurance process and all the way through restoring your property back to normal. We specialize in the following types of restoration services:

From soot removal to rebuilding walls, our fire damage repairs will restore your property back to a livable condition.

When hailstones damage your property’s roof or siding, we are the ones to call. We will repair any dents to breaks so you won’t even be able to tell a storm came through.

Storm damage can occur in just about any season since the Midwest experiences such harsh winters and severe summer storms, as well. We have crews standing by in case of an emergency.

One feature we also offer is our emergency restoration. We have on-call crews standing by at all times in case you are in an unsafe situation. Don’t hesitate to use this service. Contact us today to learn more about our restoration services available in Springfield or for a free estimate.

Our Renovation & Remodeling Services in Springfield

Remodeling can be both an exciting process and also a stressful one. Our renovation and remodeling services will not only alleviate some of that stress but also bring to life any design you have in mind. Our team can even help you through the design process to ensure you choose the best layout and products for your property. Some of our common remodeling services available in the Springfield area include the following:

We provide custom kitchen remodeling services that tailor to your style or budget. Call us to get no-obligation pricing.

Create the bathroom of your dreams with all of the latest trends and materials. Whatever you come up with, we can make happen.

Do you have an unfinished basement and don’t know where to start? Or just want to update your finished basement? We can help transform whatever type of basement you currently have into somewhere you actually enjoy going.

Enjoy the outdoors without actually having to be outdoors. How? A custom sunroom addition from Kelley Construction Contractors, Inc.

Whether you are still in the imagining phase or ready to start construction today, contact Kelley Construction Contractors, Inc. for your renovation and remodeling needs.