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Street Creep

Properties throughout Central Illinois experience all types of seasons that can bring with them excessive dryness and excessive moisture. The ever-changing weather causes soil to expand and contract. This change in soil density causes what is known as street creep. Basically, when the soil expands too much, it shifts the concrete from your street into your driveway, which ultimately pushes against your foundation and can crack it. If you do not fix street creep, you could be left with costly repairs and even more structural damage.

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What Are Signs of Street Creep?

Although many property owners experience it, the name itself doesn’t necessarily make it obvious what it is. If you experience any of the signs of street creep, though, you should contact us right away for inspection, as it could seriously damage your property’s foundation. Some of these signs include:

  • Sidewalk and driveway are misaligned
  • Cracks at edge of driveway
  • Gap between driveway and foundation
  • Garage wall damage

Street Creep Repair

Even more than it just being unsightly, if you are experiencing any of the signs of street creep above, you want to have those repaired right away. If it is affecting your foundation, your property is at serious risk. Kelley Construction Contractors, Inc. can provide affordable, reliable street creep repairs that will take the pressure off of your property’s foundation, add needed support, and ultimately have your driveway, sidewalk, and foundation looking and functioning normally. Contact us today for a free street creep repair quote.

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