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Uneven Floors

If you live in the Peoria area and are noticing uneven floors on your property, contact Kelley Construction Contractors, Inc. right away. You may have problems with your foundation. Likewise, check a property you are buying. If there are uneven floors, it’s important to have a foundation contractor make sure the property is structurally sound. A variety of different issues can cause uneven floors. You need an expert who knows how to get to the root of the problem.

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What Causes Uneven Floors?

You may be wondering why you are even having to deal with your uneven floor issue. Unfortunately, foundation problems know no limits. No property is too old, too new, too large, or too small to potentially have problems. There is a trend, however. Some of the most common causes of uneven floors include:

  • Poorly designed/constructed property
  • Soil moving or compacting into a damaged foundation
  • Too much moisture with no waterproofing system in place

When you call Kelley Construction Contractors, Inc., our team will come straight to your property for a foundation inspection and further recommendation as to the best solution for your uneven floors. Contact us today.

Uneven Floor Repair

While we can’t control how your property was built, we can help with the foundation problems. We provide foundation repair services throughout Peoria and the surrounding areas that will correct your uneven floor issues and keep your family safe. You may think that a little slope won’t hurt anything, but truthfully, the problem will only get worse and could cost you exponentially more if you leave it untouched. We know that foundation problems are usually not accounted for in your budget, which is why we strive to provide affordable, timely services to all of our customers. For an uneven floor repair you can trust, contact Kelley Construction Contractors, Inc.

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