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Window Repairs

Fix Damaged or Broken Windows

Damaged windows are a true eyesore – they not only make your property look dilapidated but they can limit your ability to see outside and for light to enter your home. Broken windows can leak, lose heat and energy, and cause other concerns. When you have damaged or broken windows in need of replacement, rely on Kelley Construction Contractors, Inc. for professional window repairs.

You Deserve Expert Window Repairs

Windows protect your property from the outside while allowing light to enter and brighten your property. When it’s time to repair or replace your windows, you deserve expert care to ensure proper installation and professional finishing so your property looks great!

If you have any concerns about your property’s windows, give us a call or schedule a free estimate to see how we can help. You can depend on our window experts to guide you throughout the process and provide honest and unbiased recommendations based on your property and individual situation. Contact us today!

The crew was very courteous and they kept us informed as the work was in progress. I would definitely recommend Kelley Construction to my friends and family as well, as I probably have more projects for them in the future.

Carolyn from Bartonville

Your staff is extremely helpful and gracious. Your company has what most lack - you care about your customer. That's so refreshing. Thank you for being there.

Judy from East Peoria

We were amazed at the speed and efficiency of the crew. They were very friendly but not too friendly. They did a fabulous job. We would definitely request them for future work.

Brian and Donna from Washington
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