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Winter Storm Damage Restoration

Living in the Midwest, winter storms are inevitable. This is usually means for staying inside, only to trek outside to quickly remove snow from the driveway before retreating back indoors. The problem is that winter storms can cause excessive damage to your home, sometimes unseen unless you experience signs from the inside such as water damage or cracked windows. You may not even know what types of storm damage to look for. That is why you need a winter storm damage restoration contractor to come to your home for an inspection and also provide repairs as needed.

What are common types of winter storm damage?

winter storm damage

Winter storms come in many different forms: ice, hail, snow, wind, etc. Each causes its own unique type of damage, and in some cases, many different types of damages. After a winter storm comes through your town, though, its best to check the exterior of your home for these common types of winter storm damage:

  • Missing roof shingles or shakes
  • Ice dams
  • Water damage to your ceiling or walls
  • Missing siding
  • Dented or cracked windows or doors
  • Hail damage
  • Caved roof

When should I call a home restoration contractor?

Once you’ve experienced a winter storm, it’s never too early to contact your home restoration contractor. Waiting until water is leaking into your home or until your roof completely caves in will not only cost you more money, but it can also be very unsafe for your family. Prevent unnecessary expenses by having your home restoration contractor provide a professional inspection to make sure all areas of your home have been assessed. From that point, schedule your repairs right away and enjoy a safe, secure home.

If you live in the Peoria, Pekin, or Bloomington area, let Kelley Construction Contractors, Inc. be your storm damage restoration contractor. We take care of all of the damages mentioned above, along with so much more. Contact us today for a free estimate!