Overview Client: ACPM Podiatry Group Services Provided: Commercial Remodeling, Commercial Construction Challenge ACPM Podiatry Group of Peoria had two patient exams that they wanted to turn into one big therapy […]

Overview Client: Jim & Mary, Homeowners Services Provided: Water Damage Restoration, Home Restoration, Insurance Restoration Challenge Jim and Mary had significant water damage in their home. They attempted to clean […]

Overview Client: Erika, Homeowner Services Provided: Hail Damage Repair, Home Restoration, Insurance Restoration Challenge In the hailstorm of 2016, Erika’s home sustained a significant amount of hail damage. Due to […]

Overview Client: Greg Kaiser, Homeowner  Services Provided: Home Restoration, Storm Damage Repair, Insurance Restoration Challenge A severe storm left Greg’s home without electricity, but what he didn’t realize was that […]

Overview Client: Maplecrest Apartments Services Provided: Flood Restoration, Flood Cleanup, Insurance Restoration, Commercial Restoration Challenge When the Maplecrest Apartment Complex was left under water, Jeff, the on-site assistant manager, contacted […]

Overview Client: Catholic Diocese of Peoria Services Provided: Commercial Construction, Commercial Remodeling, Commercial Restoration Challenge It all started with a dream. The Catholic Diocese of Peoria had a vision to […]

It’s no wonder why your deck ends up worn out over the years when you consider how much traffic and inclement weather it takes on. With a little regular maintenance, […]

Finding the right house can be stressful. Aside from all of the personal preferences – big bedrooms, nice flooring, spacious kitchen, updated bathrooms – you also have to take into […]

Depending on where your home is located, as a resident of Central Illinois, you may experience flooding in your home or business. One week may be a drought and the […]

Living in the Midwest, winter storms are inevitable. This is usually means for staying inside, only to trek outside to quickly remove snow from the driveway before retreating back indoors. […]

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